Default percussion folder missing

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. The default percussion folder is missing from my BB. I haven’t found any info anywhere on how tu restore default folders. Thanks.


There are several threads on the forum covering this issue.

Try this first: in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), File - Open Project and navigate to user_lib/projects within your bbworkspace folder folder. If it still exists, use the BBM to export it to your SD card.

If this doesn’t work, reply here and I’ll try to find the thread with comprehensive instructions.

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My third post from the bottom should help.

I too am missing a folder from my BBM, the LATIN folder. I tried the above solution however the only projects that come up are the ones i just put there. So i assume those project wouldn’t have it also. Hope to find another solution.

Thank YOu

See my reply to your other post.

I did as you orginally suggested and i use a new sdcard and i got the downloaded Beatbuddy default content to install and the latin folder was there. However, i still have a problem now. I have saved my project earlier today and after opening that project on the new sdcard the Latin folder isn’t there on that card. So i assume everything from the default content got over written. If i can’t get it to install on the project i have i’d just as soon do without it rather than foul up my project with all my new folders and drum sets on it.

I seem to be missing the LATIN folder from my beatbuddy manager and i have tried everything to get it back in and it won’t import. Can you help me please.

Try this

  • Delete the Latin genre folder file you tried to import
  • Download this one from here to your desktop Dropbox - PBFs - Simplify your life
  • If needed, unzip the Latin genre
  • Quit the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and open it again; ADDED: make sure that it’s the project you want to import the Latin genre folder to.
  • BBM File > Import > Folder and navigate to and open the Latin.pbf folder
  • Save your project
  • ADDED: File > Export > Project to SD card (or Synchronize Project to SD card (if the menu is not greyed out)

Let me know how it goes.

NOTE: I moved your post from the 500 songs thread to this thread which seems to be a better fit for your issue.

Good Afternoon:
I followed your instructions and i got the Latin folder. However, out of the 16 files in the folder only 5 will play. (CALYPSO, MERENGUE, PLENA, RUMBA COLUMBIA, AND RUMBA GUAGUANCO. I will keep them until i figure or find out why the others won’t play.

Thank YOu very much for your info. Talk soon.