I’ve been using Beatbuddy for two years. It worked perfectly. unfortunately it presented a defect that the technicians did not identify. It turns on normally, but it keeps flashing alternately the time of the bit that is programmed. When I press the pedal to start the program it locks in the transition.
A technician suggested formatting and resetting the memory stick, to no avail. Another indicated restarting the pedal, but I don’t know how to do that. I need instruction.

Your symptoms don’t fit the criteria for a bricked pedal but here’s a link to the steps to restore Pedal does not power on

When this happens, it usually means that your pedal has died. You can contact for help.

Maybe your main switch is faulty, since the pedal does turn on, and warranty has probably past.
Open it up and disconnect the switch (just pull the connector) and see if it acts normal again.