Definitive guide

Is there any sort of definitive guide to how this system works - SD card, BBM etc - as clear guidance send to be very thin on the ground.

I’ve just bought the complete collection and believe I have gotten it onto an SD card but am trying to now get it into BBM.

It looks as though the drum sets have to be imported individually which is not easy as the file names are just strings of letters and numbers some of which result in a new drum set but a lot that don’t seem to do anything. With a bit more time I can get through this but then there is a substantial song list and I can’t work out the best way to get these in.

Any pointers towards written material, You Tube videos etc that will help me make sense of this would be amazing.


Some the the references embedded in this link might help e.g., check out the quick start guide resources ; the link includes other links to tutorials.

  1. If you now have the premium library content project on your SD card, insert the SD card in your computer SD slot
  2. BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) - File - Open Project and navigate to your SD card
  3. Follow the prompts to save your project from your SD card to your bbworkspace folder

Hey there please reach out to for assistance, they will be happy to help you get started with the BBM and answer all your questions. Some users may have some tips for you here as well, but emailing support will bring you the best results!

Thanks. I’m all sorted now!!

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Glad to hear you’ve got it working.