Different bass types

i want to create my own drumset with different Bass Guitars.
For this im looking for drumsets with bass in this forum with different Bass Guitars. Does anybody knows some drumkits where the bass is different?


You have a sample song that may include the type of bass sound your looking for

There are several different basses in the kits in the Resources section of the old forum. There is a P-Bass, a Rickenbacker 4001, a Horner Beatle Bass, upright string bass, a bowed upright bass, a synth bass, and maybe a couple others. I posted several “roll you own” kits that have a variety of samples in them, ready to use for building kits. Search for “roll your own.”

Thank you!

It looks like all the download files from the Resources section of the old forum are gone. I was trying to download the kits with the different bass samples you posted there, but all I get is 404 errors.