Difficulty connecting BeatBuddy to Infinity Looper

Thank you for the warning! I thought about updating to 3.9, but I noticed there were some problems so I thought better of it as I’m having enough problems of my own right now :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed on my Mac software is that in Global Settings there is no “Midi Sync” box to toggle.

In this post, it appears that “Ignore Midi Clock” should be in Global Settings. Not sure if it is on the PC but not Mac version. I’m wondering if somehow this got turned on…

Maybe this will help:

if BeatBuddy
Sync: Always On

then Infinity
Stop Mode: FULL

if BeatBuddy
Sync: Disable

then Infinity
Stop Mode: any setting

Tried and no luck unfortunately…but thank you for the suggestion.

Spoke to Pigtronix today and they said I should send to them to fix, which they said should be simple. They already sent me a return label. Great support. They have discontinued the Looper and the Looper 3 should be coming out in the Fall. I’m still under warranty fortunately.

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Glad to hear they’re taking care of you.

Hi jim001,

Do you mind sharing the contact information for how you got in touch with Pigtronix?

I purchased a BeatBuddy and Infinity Looper a few weeks back and have been pulling my hair out trying almost everything you are describing to the same result and it appears I also have a faulty looper.

Would love to get in touch with them to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance!

The loops I record with my BB and Infinity eventually become off-synch too. I have the midi cords hooked up and both pedals firmware updated (Infinity says software 2.110000 while loading the application and flashes 218 while powering on the pedal). I think the settings on both pedals are setup correctly. The Infinity doesn’t start or stop with the BeatBuddy either so it’s like they are not even connected / talking with each other. Sounds like the same boat as you. What did Pigtronix repair on your pedal?

Check in the settings of the Inifnity . And check like this pic. look at the Midi channel (on the left)!When ready, close the application, EJECT the usb with windows (don’t remove it). Power OFF the looper, remove the USB from the looper and PC.Reboot your looper. Go to Beatbuddy now, In the settings of the BB go to MAIN PEDAL>MIDI SETTINGS>MIDI OUT> Output Type= OUT> Channel (the same as the looper)> SYNC =Always ON> STOP=Pause & End> NOTES=Enable>Time signature=Enable. Now you have 2 way to stop the looper with Beatbuddy If you want to stop the looper when the BB is PAused or let the looper play when Beatbuddy is Paused, depend what you like to choose this go to BB settings>MUTE PAUSE >ENABLE= looper stay playing when BB is paused. DISABLE= Looper stop when BB is paused. AND don’t forget to put the midi cable into the OUT of the BB midi cable