Dissappearing Post Related to MIDI Maestro

Any ideas why the thread/post linked below does not show in the main timeline of ‘All’ or in the ‘MIDI Maestro’ categories? Perhaps it may be my view of the forum and it’s viewable by others(?) I went as far as I could to try and help the OP and was hoping someone from Singular could offer something regarding his power supply issue, but I’m not sure it’s being seen.

I don’t even find this thread in a search using ‘500ma’ that I had used in a reply and sorting to ‘Latest Post’ or ‘Latest Topic’. I’ve occasionally seen others reporting disappearing posts. Is there a bug in the forum or a man behind the curtain selectively filtering what is seen?

Where did you buy your stuff?
I’m from Europe, and no problem with the power supply with Beatbuddy, Aeros, and Midi Maestro ,
Otherwise retrun your product to the Shop with description of the problem.
I don’t understand why you buy another supply, just return your product was enough

It appears your post was unlisted.

I don’t know why, but here’s what Discourse has to say about unlisted topics.