Power supply unit

I am in France and I bought the Midi Maestro on a site in Europe. Another bad surprise.
The power supply unit that comes with the device is not working. I already had this same problem when I received my Eros Loop.
The power supplies you provide do not work in FRANCE. Apparently it’s an amperage problem.
I had to buy a new power supply unit from Amazon which works well with my Aeros Loop.
Now I have the same problem with the Midi Maestro.
Have other people reported this problem to you?

I’m not speaking for Singular, but it appears the residential voltage supplied in France is 230vac @ 50hz. This seems consistent with other European countries.

I would believe if the Maestro and Aeros were sold in the European market that the power supplies should be able to work properly when supplied with 230vac @ 50hz. A power supply that didn’t provide enough amperage may not work correctly, but the ones that are packaged with the units should be properly rated to work. Would you be able to take a photo of the printing on the adapter which shows the voltage and amperage and post it in this thread? I don’t know what the ma(milliamps) rating should be, but it should be 9vdc with a negative tip on the connector.

here is the photo of the power supply unit supplied with my Midi Maestro for operation in France.

Copied from their respective manuals…
Aeros - Power: 9v (center negative, 360mA)
Maestro - Input Power: 9v, Center Negative, 300 mA

The power adapter you’ve pictured is the correct voltage and polarity on the connector. It is capable of providing 500ma (0.5A) which should be adequate for either the Aeros or the Maestro. It should work unless you were unlucky to get two bad power adapters with each device.
Hopefully someone from Singular might see this post and comment.