Does anyone have some simple Jazz beats?

Last night I tried to use Beat Buddy with my trio, Guitar, Piano and Vocalist. We were trying to find a Jazz beat either on a closed high hat or a ride cymabal that didn’t sound like a constant drum solo. None of the Jazz beats that came with the Beat Buddy would fit for songs like “Don’t get around much anymore” or “Yardbird Suite” etc. Just simple jazz patterns no fancy drum cuts in every measure. Does anyone know where I can get these. Do I have to buy them from Goran Grooves?

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I think most of the jazz beats supplied are way too busy. I edit them in BeatBuilder, a free little editor that you can download. There is a download and documentation here:

Totally agree

99% of all commercial MIDI grooves are WAY too busy and overplayed

That’s why we need a full blown Pro MIDI editor within BBM

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You don’t have to buy them from Goran grooves, but that is the easy/ lazy way, and for about what a beer at a pub costs, they totally transform the BB.
Try the jazz brushes and beats.
I play swing standards, through to organ trio stuff and they sit beatifully.

I’d rate it 10 out of 10 for a small ensemble jazz gig that swings and is cool.
You won’t sound like collage kids with too much testosterone, too many chops, and no frigging idea. (If you do, don’t blame the drum machine)

Some of them even transfer to a non brush kit and sound quite good.

The maker of the Jazz grooves has clearly no knowledge about Jazz and timekeeping :rolleyes:

An excellent example of overplaying. :smiley:

They should hire a real Jazz Pro drummer and get all the basic Jazz grooves done, like everything from New Orleans, Bebop to Fusion.

I have the Groove Monkee Jazz and Fusion grooves but they don’t work properly with the BB.

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The sad thing is Tobbe, there are actually drummers out there who play jazz like that!!
I hope no one has to suffer them, but they exist.

We had this kid come along to a rehearsal swing big band a few weeks back and the leader asked for 4 bars on the top.
Rather than 4 bars of time on the hats or something anyone could grasp onto, the kid did the most amazing combination of crap all over the kit, and the whole band just looked at him in horror and not one of us came in.
We had to actually explain to him that 4 bars on top means 4 bars of ‘time’ setting up the grove.

I’m actually starting to feel a little bad about the crap we are putting on the makers of BB with regard to the jazz beats.
They have done such a good job in most other areas, and due to the support offered, they will read all these threads.
At least they made the device so that the user can load in or program their own beats.
The other device I was tossing up to buy (and didn’t)… not only sucks, but from what i read you are limited in the capabilities to edit the crap out and put good content back in.
In that regard, we can move on from those grooves and just pretend they are not there.


IMO The Jazz grooves are simply not on par with the rest.

The good thing is that you can make your own grooves with the MIDI editor that is in development as we speak.

Constructive criticism are good and are usually appreciated by developers.

If you are going to do something why not do it to 100% !
-Buddy Rich
That sums it up pretty good I think !

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I think ‘budget’ sums it up better.


Ps, mentioning Buddy’s name on a drum machine forum. He’ll be turning in his grave!!!:smiley:

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I made up a few for Jazz and Swing and here they are. Let me know if these will work OK for you. I antennuated the harsh cimbals some and balanced the drums out to a liveable level. Most of these were done with the Beat Builder and Anvil. These are SNG files so they will load into BB Manager just by importing them into it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

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Great ! Thanks a bunch !

To anyone else out there. You are more than welcome to download these songs This is typical of the songs (Drum Patterns) that I either doctor or create that I use for myself. Let me know what you think and/or give me more ideas of what you might need. By the way, these ar SNG files and they can be imported direct into BB Manager.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thanks for the beats! I’ve been looking for something that would just sit in the mix for a couple of songs that I haven’t included in my solo act song list because I haven’t found beats that I like. Most are just too busy as has already been discussed here.

I do a standard version of Fly Me To The Moon and Willie Nelson’s Stardust, you may have just saved me some time. I’ll see if I can make these work. Thanks again!

I have plenty of these tracks available so if you need more, just let me know. Glad these helped somebody.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.


Thank you!

Thanks so much for these beats - sound great - was looking for some simple swing jazz beats - and I am a complete idiot when it comes to Beat Buddy

Hi Fingerstylepicker
There’s already for days a downloadproblem.
Is it possible to send the files by e-mail?

Please drop them in Dropbox.

I’m not a Jazz guy, but i will say, the brushed snare in the “jazz” kit ( the $5 one in the premium library ) is great imo. I’m using it with the vintage Ludwig kick to get a country / bluegrass vibe. Having the swipes is so great. /2cents

Hi @fingerstylepicker, I would be very interested in these tracks - would you mind sending them (Dropbox etc.)?

Many thanks in advance,