Does anyone have some simple Jazz beats?

Anyone have these to share since they aren’t available to download ??

I think this is Fingerpicker’s stuff. I may have added something else I picked up along the way.

Thanks again Phil…

Very New to Beat Buddy and this forum. I am very interested in the .sng files you posted but selecting them results in not available.

Any suggestions?

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The pbf File from message 22 above is available. Download it. It is a folder of songs. To use it, from Beat Buddy Manager, go to File>Import>Folder. It will load in Beat Buddy Manager as a new folder containing those files.

I also have a commercial package of simple beats and drum kits available. Search for LBDM, or message me via the conversation feature for details, Groove Monkee also has several good beats packages.

Hi fingerstylepicker
I think the link for your simple jazz .sng 's is down could you please send me a link to these files
Like many others I find the jazz beats on BB to much I just want simple

Many thanks

Thank you.

Yes unavailable

oops got it

Where is this download? I hope there will be some basic jazz grooves available somewhere. Not those overkilling drumsolo’s with ‘way beyond’ snare and kick patterns on too high volumes. Anyone?

It was still available on the old forum, but here it is:

Jazz_Forum_Beats.pbf (661.8 KB)

Note this is .pbf. To get it into BB Manager. Use File>Import>Folder. A .pbf is a folder of songs.

Thanks for your reply…! Today I listened to the songs. Unfortunatly this is not exactly what I meant by “swing grooves”. IMO too busy basic patterns and too much non-swing fills (straight). Anyway, I will keep searching and trying until I got the right BB jazz grooves.

You can also preview the Groove Monkee Jazz Buddy beats to see if they come closer to meeting your needs. They have the BeatBuddy format.

I already have these and they’re close to my needs. The other package (Jazz Brushes) is fine too. I am looking for some “Gypsy” orientated drumfeels and some really nice jazz swing patterns (ride cymbal, hi-hat).

Check out the recent jazz program update and perhaps look at adding the jazz brushes program and sound packages. Works well for me…

Hey guys, seems like you are not up to date.
Please see this post and download the latest version of the default bb content.

It may have come across that way, but the maker of those Jazz beats has a degree in Jazz, drums major. Playing a swinging Jazz groove on an acoustic jazz kit with a live ensemble to an actual tune is completely different to trying to play a groove on a midi cymbal/ Frenken kit with triggers that doesn’t translate one bit to an acoustic performance with no actual musical reference. It had nothing to do with knowledge of or ability to play Jazz and all to do with technicalities and skills with midi equipment and editing, as well as not having a musical reference.

"but the maker of those Jazz beats has a degree in Jazz, drums major. "


Oh, I see. We are in an insult mood…

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