Does anyone have some simple Jazz beats?

“has a degree in jazz” :mask:

Insult mood ??, More like comedy mood :laughing:

People who take themselves far too seriously is an endless source of comedy !

Thanks for the comedy !

@Tobbe_Bergman There is really no need to make fun of people. Goran works very hard, and more often than not he works over time to get stuff done. We understand that some of the material produced may not meet your standards, and that is okay. We are not (as of yet) able to satisfy everyone.

We’ll accept feedback as well as constructive criticism (in fact we encourage it), and we will do our best to improve where we can, but belittling others (even in a comedic manner) only creates antagonism. Please stop.


Hi there - I would love to download your jazz patterns but I can’t see any file or link associated with the thread. Can you help me get a copy of the files. Thanks.

Look for this post above: 31/43. They were reposted by Phil_Flood