Does bluetooth replace Midi over USB for use with a laptop?

Howdy, before purchase i’m trying to find out for sure if the bluetooth midi is also designed to connect with a Windows Laptop for use as a midi remote control in Ableton, given the lack of USB connection. Is that a supported function or are there potential issues using in this way? Searching found conflicting information on this, maybe it didn’t used to work based on some posts but has it been supported in a firmware update since?

Are there any considerations like the age of the laptop / bluetooth chip or will it just work?


Hey there, you should not have issues using MIDI Maestro to send BLE to your computer. Different computers set up BLE connections in different ways, feel free to reach out to for assistance troubleshooting.

I found this user’s comment maybe you could PM him for more info on how he makes the setup work:

Thanks for the question!

Thanks for the reply, it sounds like that user is using a bluetooth midi dongle into a physical midi port which is good to know that’s possible, whereas i’m hoping to connect directly to the bluetooth device in a laptop, so hopefully it works the same, i’ll give it a try when I receive the Maestro and report back.