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Is there a video tutorial that shows how to properly download a BB Forum song and import it into my BB folder? It downloads from the forum as a zip. Once you unzip it, it has a Folder file, multiple mid files, a sng file, and pdf. I tried to just import the sng file but not much loads up… typically just one segment of the drumbeat. help.

That might be the whole song. Many user created songs are OPB songs, where one press of the pedal will play the entire song. OPB = One Press with Bass.

Also make sure you have the corresponding OPB drum set loaded for the song.

Zero success downloading BB Forum songs also. Is BeatBuilder worth messing with? Anyway, downloaded to drop box but my computer won’t let me install it. “Harmful files” or some excrement. Successfully able edit and load from my own midi library but too much trouble with mapping. Dead end around every turn other than purchased files which is OK but hate searching for alternate beats through mountains of files. BeatBuddy is a great solution but massive learning curve with pitfalls around every corner other than using purchased files which is also limiting.

If you cannot download a song from the forum, it sounds like you have issues with your anti-virus software. Or it could be that you are having trouble importing a beat or song into the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or perhaps exporting your project to the SD card? If it’s one of these last two issues, maybe reading the BeatBuddy (BB) user manual could help.

Yes, as long as you recognize that it’s a lightweight app for adjusting the drum tracks from MIDI files to work with the BeatBuddy (BB) and that it has some limitations.

Feel free to engage for additional help.

Actually if it hadn’t been for BB’s incompatible midi note mapping I’d have been home free. The midi mapping is like a tractor pull.

Can a BeatBuddy song BBS song file somehow be opened up in Sonar Pro? Groove Monkee files have several midi mappings available where I’m able to open the file in Sonar Pro in order to edit. Hoping to make complete song in Sonar Pro where notes match BeatBuddy then reload into BeatBuddy and play complete song without using footswitch.

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A BBS song cannot be easily opened such that you would have a single MIDI file to edit in your DAW (digital audio workstation).

Instead, a beat is composed of a series of MIDI files that make up that beat. If I understand your intent, you want to “stitch” all of the MIDI files together to come up with a drums one-press (DOP)?

You can download the MIDI sources for the default content from and go to the folder of the beat you want to assemble and select the MIDI files from their respective folder.

There are no MIDI sources available for the premium content and if it’s a premium song that you want to craft into a DOP, you would have to use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Export (each song section) to MIDI and then join them using your DAW. Before you start that endeavor though, check that your version of the BBM can Export a MIDI file that’s editable in your DAW. Some users have problems in that the BBM corrupts the file when exported to MIDI.

New to Beatbuddy. I am a retired old guy. Always loved playing guitar but couldn’t dedicate to it like I wanted to until Covid lock-downs and I retired. LOL

Anyway–seriously, I have a degree in IT and I can’t figure out how to download a beat onto Beatbuddy from this forum. Trying to download: "Tennessee Whisky.’ I bought the Premium Library (PL). That gives me a good 2 hours of play time, but there are few songs/beats I can play on guitar that are not in the PL but see the arrangements on the forums.
How can ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ not be on a “Popular Songs Play List?” … I digress… LOL

How do you download beats?

If someone can actually explain it, I can get it! LOL


  • Click on the blue link for the song file
  • It should download the file to your computer Downloads folder
  • If it’s a zip file, double-click to expand
  • Launch the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  • From the BBM File - Import - Song and navigate to the folder you unzipped
  • Select the song name (ending in .sng)
  • Press Open

If you have not read the user manual, it’s a great place to start. Here’s a link to helpful information Helpful BeatBuddy (BB) and BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) links

If you want to hear the bass guitar, you will need to find and download the user-created drum set the song was created with, unzip and use the BBM to import and activate.


Tennessee Whiskey is right there in the default content! Just use Blues number 4, and set it to 76 BPM.

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It’s not going to have the rimshot parts in the verses, but if you know how to put songs together in Beatbuddy Manager, you can grab part 1 from Blues 3, and insert that.