Drumkit request

Could someone create a new drumkit using the new brushes drumkits from GarageBand? They have two new ones on GB for Mac. I prefer the one called Speakeasy, the other is Blue Ridge. They sound so much better than the brushes for BeatBuddy. Is this possible? I do a lot of jazz standards and these sound great for that type of music.

You do realize, I hope, that you have all the tools to make this yourself, and to make it to your specific desires. You make the samples into wav files from the GarageBand drumkits. Then you create a new drumkit in Beat Buddy Manager, start creating instruments and add in your samples. Feel free to start a conversation with me to get guidance on this process, should you decide to try.

Thank you Phil. I am considering doing this. It looks like quiet a learning curve. I appreciate that you are willing to help. Do you know of any better brush sets than what we have? Is this the place we would have a conversation?

The Apple kits are very good. Pretty much all of the B.B. brushes kits were made by other uses, including me, used the Singular brushes kit as their basis. I have another brush kit in my collection that I got in a Gypsy Jazz package, as I was thinking about doing up the Django collection at one time.

I really kinda wish Apple just made that one of the drummer options, where you tweak sticks used by the drummer. Then then could have a couple brush choices, like fully extended, half extended, etc.

Is there a way for me to hear the Gypsy one?


They have sound samples.

This is not drumkit, but maybe you’re interested.