Estam Swung Dixie

Here are the really missing, rare beats. This is a swung, old time dixie style, for those, who want to play in the style of Django, Sweet Georgia Brown, classic jazz tunes from 30-s 40-s.
I dug a lot for this style in the BB’s jazz libraries, even in Groove Monkee JazzBuddy, and just found approximate results, but not the exact one. The BB’s polka grooves are not usuable for this.
So, here are the fine right beats. No harshness, elegant and very nice to play with.
Use this with Brushes kit.
This two songs are just whole, long midi files, which was imported to BB manager.
If you want parts, fills etc, you have to export them to midi editor and cut to parts. From 32th bar you’ll find some fills, variations.
So, you may have to work a bit, cut them according to your needs.
But you can play along without editing also.
EnjoyEstam_swung_dixie.sng|attachment (9.1 KB) Estam_swung_dixie2.sng (6.7 KB)

Estam_swung_dixie.sng (9.1 KB)