Early Access Beta Testers Wanted (new BeatBuddy Library Manager)

The time has come to start Beta testing the new BeatBuddy Library Manager software. If you are interested in helping test the new software, please fill out the survey located at the following link…


Please make sure to answer all the questions and supply your name and email so we can contact you.

We will select 10-15 testers for a balanced cross-section of computer platform and usage type.

Beta testing will start in the next 2-3 weeks.

Thanks Much!

Jeremy Korn
VP of Engineering & Product Manager

I filled out the survey…hopefully I can run both the released version and the beta? I gig quite regularly with the BB (150+ gigs per year) and if I run into a problem with the beta I need a way to get back to a workable solution. If not, ignore my survey submission ! :slight_smile:

thanks, excited for the new release!

Thanks for signing up :slight_smile: Yes the old software and new software can be used in parallel. The BB firmware update to support the new software is backwards compatible with the old software as well. The new software allows for importing your projects, but not exporting them. Any new projects (now called SD Images) you create in the new software can not be transferred to the old software. However, you can go back where you left off with the old software.

Edited - Fixed a typo

Please include documentation (“User Manual”) with the official release of the new software. :smiley:

How about embedded tutorial videos? Would that do the trick? :wink:

I signed up. Always happy to help test.

Signed up too!

Not fond of watching a video in the middle of trying to figure out how to do something when a couple of sentences or a paragraph of explanation may quickly be sufficient. Videos are OK for a tutorial of a product as an overview to how a function works, but usually too much to muddle through if stuck on something that just needs a simple answer.
My preference would a searchable PDF, but documentation such as the Wiki! documentation Reaper users online would suffice and could be a work in progress that would allow edits as updates occur. Restrict contributors to select ‘experts’ (BB Support, persist, Phil Flood, etc.).

I’m of the opinion that decent documentation would remedy much of the frustration users have trying piece together bits and pieces of information from the forum and other sources that lead them to give up and sell the BeatBuddy.

Ditto all MarkF48 just said - there should be a PDF available.

Have you started yet? I’d like to be a beta tester. :wink:

Man, so excited to see updated BB Manager!!!

Thanks all for signing up. We are working on a last few things. A bit busy with the Looper and MIDI Maestro designs as well so thank you for your patience. Hoping to release it in the next week or two.

Speaking of the Maestro, I noticed that it no longer is available on the main site.

RE the MIDI Maestro, it’s still in process, just delayed a bit.

Can we get some idea of new features for the BB Manager? I think many here would like to have an idea of what is being worked on ;).

Sure! Some key new features are…

  • Cloud storage of your songs and drumsets
  • Ability to share the songs and drumsets with the community by clicking a “Share” button (no need to download from the Resource portion on the forum). We even have the songs from the Resources portion before the data loss.
  • All songs, free and premium are integrated into the app
  • Ordering of drumsets
  • Single song purchase (not just albums)
  • One click purchase after a credit card is on file
  • Ability to import legacy projects from the old software
  • Integrated tutorial videos
  • Integrated ‘Submit an issue’ to report bugs and feature request right in the app

By far the most important thing is that we built it from the ground up on a new platform such that more new features can be added without a nosebleed effort. The current software is difficult to develop on due to the platform and the coding ‘style’, which is the reason why new features where so slow to come.

…Also a new User Interface to help make the software easier to learn. The proof is in the pudding on that one :slight_smile:

Thank you jkorn. Some great new features coming.
“more new features can be added without a nosebleed effort”
I’ll definitely be sending you my wishlist ;).

I really hope there will be a “download all” option ;). Downloading 1 song at a time is extremely time consuming but it sounds like the update will help with that. Also, auditioning a song before you add it your library would be cool.

Which operating systems will the new BBmanager run on?

Adding songs from the library to the folder is a simple drag and drop (no download needed and import needed). Currently only one song can be dragged (added) at a time. Yes, song’s can be auditioned before adding them to your folders :slight_smile: