EHX 95000 integration with BeatBuddy

Has anyone had a chance to try the recently release EHX 95000 with the BeatBuddy? How does it work with midi sync and start/stop, etc?

I’m wondering how it compares to other loopers that seem to work well with BeatBuddy - such as the Pigtronix Infinity Looper. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the Boomerang Looper - as it would start/stop recording on the next beat - instead of next bar.

The EHX looks impressive.


If experience with other large EHX models is any indicator, it should work well.

I would also like information on synching BB with EHX 95000 as I purchased this looper and am considering buying the BB. Thanks!

I just bought one because I found out the ditto x4 seems to be incompatible with beat buddy. I’ll reply here with my findings later today after I’ve had some time to play with it.

After an hour or so of plying around I had to force myself to stop so I can post this…

match made in heaven!

MIDI sync I start the bb drum intro and ehx 95000 automatically senses the beat and starts its own count in. Loop starts recording on the 1.

For me personally the 95000 is perfect for what I do as a performer.


I have the 95000 ehx with beatbuddy and it works perfectly.
To improve the interface between those two machines, I add a FCB1010. This midi footswitch can send a midi message with multiple orders and receivers (ex: in the same midi message launch a fill on BB and go to the next track (song) on 95000)

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