Error code: 0x80070643 when installing Software


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apologize to open another topic, I’ve already inserted this question as reply in another topic, but have think it may be easier to find from other people who may have the same problem.

I’m not able to install the manager software (BB Manager 132) on my PC running WinXP professional sp3.
The error code given to me during the installation process is 2716, after I click on the Okay button on this error advise, the installation process abort and appears an advice of Setup Failed incl the log file and another Error code: 0x80070643

I can send the file .log if needed. Hope you can help!

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Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

Try this. Unpack to anywhere, try launch, report results.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

Many Thanks Daefecator!
I had several errors during first launch, but at the end it seems to works. It’s just a little unstable and sometime crashes. Is this a stand alone version of the software?
Anyway I had the chance to try to program some songs. Thank you.

I started to program an acoustic accompaniment with the percussion set but it is hard to program a midi sequence because the notes do not correspond to sounds, it would be of help a table of content where for every single Drum set is described which sounds are present on every note (I’m not clever to use midi sequencer). Is this table already present somewhere and I didn’t see it?

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Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

No, that’s just an unpacked version of the content. The problems are most likely because the installer failed to write registry keys.
I’ll try to check what registry values the software uses, and provide you with a necessary .reg file.

[Edit] Holy crap, I just looked at all this mess with the registry values… There are tons of them.

Download the file, then just execute the .reg file inside the archive. Trust me, it’s not a virus :slight_smile:
This will ONLY work if you place the manager software in C:\BBManager132!
The executable should be at C:\BBManager132\BBManager.exe

The note map can be found here:
Click 1.
Double Click 2.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

Yes I found that note map, but what I’m looking for is a table that says to me for every sound which key/note correspond on a keyboard. I.e. bass drum -> C3 etc because on the midi sequencer I have to write the note names


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

I thought the BeatBuddy used the same key mapping as the general midi standard, so as long as the midi files you create follow that standard you should be fine.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

Psalm 40 is correct.

Full general MIDI mapping can be seen on the wikipedia as well:


Beat Buddy software help

I am running Windows XP SP 3. I downloaded the .RAR file and extracted it and got the error message a lot of XP users were seeing during the install so I downloaded the .ZIP file that was linked to in this forum along with the registry keys. I moved the BB manager folder into the root directory of the C: drive and put the registry entry in the BB manager folder and ran it as suggested. Here is my problem:

When I open the program, I get the interface but songs and drum set lists are blank. So, I connected my Beat Buddy to the computer with the USB cable and power cord. I show “USB DEVICE CONNECTED” on my BB LCD screen. I can also access the folders on my BB SD card through the Windows explorer but the BB Manager software fails to load any of this and fails to recognize the pedal. So, I manually imported the Drum Sets from the SD card but not all of them transferred over. Two of the drum sets (one of which is the Brushes set) will not import into the BB manager. Furthermore, the virtual pedal does not work for me. I think I got it to transition once or twice by clicking but mostly it just does not function. The virtual footswitch is completely inoperable.

It would be nice if the manager software had all the kits and basic songs loaded so that you could start working without having to connect the pedal. If connecting the pedal is a requirement, the software should interface with the pedal to automatically sync to show what is on the BB. I know there are going to be bugs but I have yet to start working with this software simply because the basic features are not functioning for me.


Re: Beat Buddy software help

Hey, thor2015! You’ve done a lot of work to workaround the installer problem! That’s great. I’ll try to assist you further.

You’ve done everything correctly, but can you please remove that folder you just created and replace it with a fresh copy from the archive I’ve uploaded? (This is needed to cleanup the data from previous drumset importing etc.)
The executable file should be at C:\BBManager132\BBManager.exe

From this point onwards, instead of manually importing anything, use Import - Export > Import Project From Pedal.

I hope that will help!


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

First of all, I sincerely appreciate the advice. I redownloaded and reinstalled and had the same issue with the drum sets and songs list being blank. I did solve the issue though so I will post what happened below.

The software gives you the option of importing a project from the pedal. In other software I’ve used when you import a project, you select an actual project file from your source drive. So, I combed the SD card looking for files with a .bbp extension or a folder labled “Projects” and was unable to locate any so I never went any further. It turns out that there is no file to select. What you have to do is select the root directory of the drive where the SD card is located and the information is compiled into a project file that is then stored on the PC. I think in future releases, this option should be changed to “Import Content from Pedal”.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

Glad to hear you were finally able to overcome the troubles!

That’s a really good suggestion. The interface will definitely be polished in future releases.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

This is mentioned in the instructions from David Packouz where he notified us that the manager software had been released. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=374

Not following instructions or not understanding them seem to be causing most of the problems. This really should be added to the PDF instructions or create a separate “installation guide” within the rar file.
I know we don’t like reading instructions and think we can figure it out ourselves, but they are written for a reason and when something is in beta you can’t treat it as a normal program as there will be bugs and things that just don’t make sence. Hunting the forum for the required information is sometimes difficult unless you know where it is and often then you don’t need the info.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

Mac users! - I have managed to get the BB Manager running of a sort within an app called Wine and Winebottler. This is free software available here You can actually create a standalone app on the Mac from the BB files. However you need to download the BB files as posted by Daefecator earlier in this thread ( the Windows installer .exe as posted in the official download will not work. Briefly, to get it to work you need to:

  1. go to the Advanced tab in Winebottler
  2. Leave Prefix Template as is with “new prefix (default”
  3. Set the program to install as /Users//Downloads/BBManager132/BBManager.exe assuming you have downloaded the files mentioned into the Downloads folder - not the user name is whatever you have on your Mac.
  4. Set the radio button to the third option: “This is an actual program, copy it and all the files that are in the same folder”
  5. Click the Bundle: setting (Include Wine binaries…)
  6. Click Install - this will prompt for a name and location for the app.

The process takes a little while but in the end it should create an app with the BB as an icon which you simply double-click to get running. You may have a little difficulty in getting used to the locations of all files etc. Remember that Mac apps are often packaged and within Finder you need to show the package contents to see all files etc. I say this because projects I created using this solution ended up in the package contents and not elsewhere in on the Mac - just be aware that can happen.

The result is not a fully working BB manager - for example it will not play the .wav files from within the BB manager. But most of the essential pieces work.

One issue I have, and no doubt this refers to the Windows version too, is that if you want to change one of the drumsets the BB Manager forces you to create a copy of it first - that’s fine. But I have found that if you then want to change one of the parameters of the newly created drumset then this appears to break or loose the link to the saved WAV files that provide the sounds for each instrument. At least I imagine that is the issue because when I save the new song and drum set to the BB it doesn’t play the instrument I changed.

So my question is: where can we find all the .wav files used in the drum sets? Can someone make these available? Many thanks.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

Looks like newest software only allows for importing WAV files into DRM file. The process appears to be one-sided. I can’t find the way to export WAV files from an already assembled DRM file.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

This is true, but you are assuming that we actually saw that “announcement”. Every other time we’ve gotten updates it has been through e-mail. I only knew about the software because I randomly checked the downloads page on the main site and saw that the link to download was active.

When I download a piece of software I expect that instructions will either be included somehow as part of the download, be it a .pdf manual (which was not included in the archive us XP users wound up having to download) or included in the help file of the finished product. The last place I expected to find instructions was buried in a forum post. If you are going to post instructions in a user forum, put the word “instructions” or something similar in the topic heading and make it a sticky so it doesn’t eventually get buried. I know this was a rushed beta release, but the help file has web links. Make one of those link to that forum post stating that instructions are there. Don’t just dump people into a forum with a poor search function and wish them the best of luck. Just my 2 cents.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

The feature to add the possibility to sticky threads here on forum was already requested. Let’s see if we can have this :slight_smile:
I’ll try to make sure the most useful threads are always visible.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

I do assume a lot, the easest solution is to add the instructions to the Beta release. The announcement was made on Facebook which linked to the forum, they might have done the same on Twitter and Google+. Maybe they assume all users are on one of those social networking sites, I was surprised that a major announcement like that wasn’t emailed out to everyone. So sicky good, instructions in download better.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

Could we add this to its own topic and lock it down? How to install the Beat Buddy manager under XP SP3.
My DAW is XP SP3 and couldn’t run this but following the instructions from Daefecator I got it working, however although my machine is a 2.9ghz dual core processor it could only use a single core and that got hammered so much so that it was a bit pointless trying to audition rhythms as it kept on cutting them off, but it can be used for creating a setlist at least.
However as XP is no longer supported, I doubt the Beatbuddy team will.

As for a key map, I produced the following when creating a new 3/4 straight 8 beat as a Tom was set to send the wrong note.

BB Standard Kit
33 A0 Metronome
36 C1 Kick Drum
37 C#1 Cross Stick
38 D1 Snare
39 D#1 Handclaps
42 F#1 Hi-Hats Closed
43 G1 Tom 4 (Floor)
44 G#1 Foot Hi-hat
45 A1 Tom 3 (Low)
46 A#1 Hi-Hat Open
48 C2 Tom 2 (Hi-Mid)
49 C#2 Crash Cymbal 1
50 D2 Tom 1 (High)
51 D#2 Ride Cymbal
53 F2 Ride C. Bell
55 G2 Splash 1
57 A2 Crash Cymbal 2
59 B2 Splash 1


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

I too have run into this error. Being a mac user and having to attempt this on a windows machine is terrifying. I did what I use to do 15 years ago with my pc. Hit “finish” and cross my fingers. And without surprise it did what i expected and came up with an error code. I’ve down loaded the unpack and am now trying to work that out. I’m only about 1 hour into it. Once again windows has proven to be a puzzle rapped in an enigma. PLEASE bring out a mac version quickly. I hate plugging my beat buddy into a funny looking hunk of plastic.


Re: Error when trying to install BB Manager 132

I may be mistaken, but I thought BeatBuddy is an (actually really useful) tool to be able to get rid of a computer totally. There is a lot of software available that is able to do what BeatBuddy is intended to do but unless you actually put your keyboard under your feet, you won’t handle any software as easily as you can handle BeatBuddy.

Using a Windows computer for an offline beats composing is indeed a really ugly workaround while we wait for a Mac version. But are you talking about you need your Windows computer while playing, or I just misread what you said?