Error message when trying to import accent hit in the BBmanager

I have created a .wave file with Garage Band in order to use it as an accent hit with the BeatBuddy
the file is a 16 bits sample (or 24 bits, I tried both) 44,1 Khz stereo Wave file.
It is less than 15 seconds and its size is 708 ko
Unfortunately, when I try to import it as an accent hit I get this message :

could someone help me to resolve this issue please

Please zip and upload your accent file wav here so users can test it.

You could try running Tag Stripper in the wav file to eliminate any chance of a malformed header in the file.

ok here it is :

somewhere life (297.2 KB)

thank you for your help

See my reply to your other post


I’m having the same problem - I get that error message when I try to load a wav file as an accent (and I couldn’t find the reply to Le_Gall’s other post). The .wav file I’m trying to use is 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, in standard .wav format, smaller than 500kb, and it plays properly in QuickTime Player on my Mac.

Any help someone can provide would be appreciated… thanks!

See if this helps:

You can also use NCH Switch.

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NCH Switch worked; problem solved, thanks!

For anyone interested, the original .wav file (that triggered the error message in BBmanager) was created in/exported from Logic Pro. BBmanager accepted the file after I converted it to .mp3 and then back to .wav in NCH Switch.

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