External Switch to Start / Stop Loop

My question is about plugging in another foot switch externally that I could plug in, but put at a distance away from the Loop Studio in order to start and stop a loop at a distance away from it.
The main reason is I have a digital drum kit that I want to sit at and record a loop. Then be able to walk back to the loop studio to then record guitar, etc.
Does the loop studio allow for this type of control via auxiliary switch?

You can accomplish this with a midi foot controller.

Are there any how-to’s that describe how to set this up? I’m not that proficient in midi control, so was hoping to get a step by step

(Hopefully I’m sending the right link.)
These are the most current midi commands. (Click the first link for a more thorough list)
Program your midi controller using these commands.

Do you have a midi foot controller? If so, program the desired commands with the corresponding CC numbers listed in the Aeros midi commands link I sent. If you have a midi foot controller, the manufacturer should be able to walk you through the programming if you’re having difficulty.

I don’t have one no. Now that I know it is possible to do all those commands, I will start researching a good one to get. I was really just hoping to have either a single button or a 2 or 3 button max. I’ll have to see what is available. I know there are a lot of USB midi controller foot switches so I’m sure my next question will be whether the aeros can plug in via USB.
Thanks for the help and input.
Any recommendations on a foot switch with just a few buttons?

no, you should look for a 5 pin midi footcontroller
and get better one with more buttons than you think you will need.
there will come more use cases for more buttons in the future.

I think I’m going with the HOTONE MIDI 4 button. It seems to be as small as I can get away with. I really just want to set it next to my kick drum so I can start /stop a drum loop with my digital kit. But I agree, I may find another use in the future particularly in 6x6 mode. I appreciate the feedback.