Feature request: Retain BeatBuddy info in Aeros

I would like to be able to pull up a previously recorded loop in Aeros and have it auto map to the Beat Buddy drum kit, genre, time signature and metronome that was set when recorded to Aeros.

This would save a TON of time having to set up BB when loading a Track from Aeros. Now I have to keep a speadsheet with these settings which is very un-motivating. I cry when its rehearsal time…


This would be a great feature and is somewhat expected when buying these two products at this price point from the same vendor.

As a workaround, you can add the info to the song name (but over time you can use fewer types of characters in the name which makes this less useful). A dedicated notes field is a no-brainer, simple feature to add…

Thanks for your reply. Good idea of adding BB info into the song name. Hopefully, they add an auto mapping feature along with the ability to save BB changes (i.e., swapping a drum kit etc.) on the Aeros side.

We may be able to accomplish some of this via settings, I will tag as #under-consideration

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Yes!!!. Just in time for Christmas!

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