Feature request: Retain BeatBuddy info in Aeros

I would like to be able to pull up a previously recorded loop in Aeros and have it auto map to the Beat Buddy drum kit, genre, time signature and metronome that was set when recorded to Aeros.

This would save a TON of time having to set up BB when loading a Track from Aeros. Now I have to keep a speadsheet with these settings which is very un-motivating. I cry when its rehearsal time…


This would be a great feature and is somewhat expected when buying these two products at this price point from the same vendor.

As a workaround, you can add the info to the song name (but over time you can use fewer types of characters in the name which makes this less useful). A dedicated notes field is a no-brainer, simple feature to add…

Thanks for your reply. Good idea of adding BB info into the song name. Hopefully, they add an auto mapping feature along with the ability to save BB changes (i.e., swapping a drum kit etc.) on the Aeros side.

We may be able to accomplish some of this via settings, I will tag as #under-consideration

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Yes!!!. Just in time for Christmas!

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So, to explain, in version 5.0.0 the Aeros can now send MIDI commands any time you open a song, this can be set in the song’s settings

So you can send any combination of a sequence of MSB + LSB + PC commands that can open a BeatBuddy song as you open the Aeros song.

We will not exactly do what you asked, but something very close that can achieve the same task! So I will tag this as #implemented

For the sake of a truly integrated set of devices, I think marking this as #implemented is incorrect. Feel free to mark it as #wontfix, but #implemented is misleading.

There are two capabilities that are not implemented:

  • Ability to automatically save the BB setup on the Aeros. Typing/scrolling in numbers on the Aeros is a manual process for msb, lsb, tempo, time signature. Oh the horror, but integrating things like this make a huge difference. Wouldn’t it be nice to press a button and skip those tedious, error prone steps?

  • Ability to save the drum kit (along with the beat at tempo). Choosing the song only gets you the default drum kit. Having to create a version of a song with a different drumkit is a painful roundtrip to the beatbuddy manager and leads to a lot of close duplicates.


I disagree, the OP does not request what you are asking for and all the requested actions are satiated by sending a song select from the Aeros, which is saveable to the song

You are free to create a request on improving this further in a new way, though we may not do it! This is a pretty powerful feature as is

Thanks for the feedback!

IMHO, sooner or later SS will improve the (already improved, but limited) integration of the two devices. I know it’s yet again more work on both devices and perhaps lower priority than other areas. Less concerned about the process (creating another thread).

This is similar to the hands free stuff which also had many requests scattered over many threads over an extended period.

An Aeros Pro with integrated drums in one pedal would be another solution (perhaps with one more button or aux port). And perhaps it’s an extra charge feature to unlock (or not). Not sure if the current unit is powerful enough to be extended, but what if 25 percent of existing users paid for an addon and demo/bought content via the wifi enabled device.

Easy for me to say…

Consider the “may I have some more” right after you gave us something huge as positive engagement! :slight_smile:

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