Feed back coming from Aeros on pedal board

I am getting a loud hissing noise when I run my Aeros on my pedal board. The order is guitar (Fender Acoustsonic) into a TC Electronics delay pedal to a Boss VE2 harmonizer pedal to the Aeros to my Quilter Micro Pro Mach 2. I also have my Beat Buddy pedal hooked up to the Aeros via a midi cable. The beat buddy goes to a separate amp altogether. All of the pedals are powered by a Joyo battery pack. I checked the Aeros being plugged into the wall wart as well and still have the same problem. Since I use separate channels on my amp, one for the Aeros and the other for the Harmonizer, I can eliminate the noise if I go directly from the harmonizer to the amp instead of to the Aeros but that means I can’t use the features of the Boss VE2 as designed. I have included pictures of my setup. I tried different cables as well. Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry I do not know how to post a picture so I cannot provide that. I hope my description will be enough. Thanks in advance.

If you click reply, there is a button in the “composer” window that is titled “upload.” Hopefully that’s not broken for you.

I would go through the entire signal chain first, cable by cable and fx as well. One by one, until you can exactly introduce where the noise is coming from. At least that way you can eliminate the possibility of faulty cables and jacks. After that… It’s power supply check up.

Try this thread… it may have some helpful information.

Thanks Lash. Here are the pictures. As mentioned, I did check the cords and all are good. I also unplugged the Aeros from the Joyo powersupply and used a direct wall connection. Same issue. Right now I do not have the delay pedal hooked up. I want to go from my VE2 to the Aeros but that is where I get the interference. In the picture I am going direct from my guitar to the Aeros and we are good then. But that means I cannot use the auto harmonizing feature of the VE2 and that is very important. The VE2 and the Aeros each go to a separate channel on my Quilter amp and the Beat Buddy goes to the Fishman Loudbox. Please advise. Thanks.

So it seems like you are not getting a hum/buzz from the areos, when just guitar>cable>areos>cable>amp? I suspect its a power supply issue, but you may also want to consider the balanced/unbalanced cabling from the VE2 to the Aeros. (The Aeros only has unbalanced inputs, this shouldn’t matter much with a pedalboard in my experience, but maybe someone else can chime in… maybe if you have a DI box around trying to put that between the VE2 and the Aeros may give a clue in at least ruling that out.)

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I have noticed that there’s issues sometimes when the amps share power supply with Aeros, if possible try using circuits that are isolated from each other, one with all your pedals and one with just the amps, this has worked for me in the past.

Lash gave some great tips, but feel free to reach out to support@singularsound.com if you feel you need more assistance!

Thanks for the questions

Thanks for weighing in Brennan. If you mean plug the two amps into separate outlets then I have done that without any effect. I also tried Lash’s suggestion and put DI box between the VE2 and the Aeros. Again still no effect. The hissing is there. You can even see a signal showing on the Aeros even when the guitar is quiet. The interference is definitely coming from the VE2 to the Aeros. I just don’t know what to do about it. Still looking for a fix. Please help. Thanks.

Rando thought here, but have you tried running the VE2 on internal AA batteries… just to see if it isn’t a ground issue.

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Keep in mind, a different outlet does not mean an isolated circuit, you may have to get creative with an extension here, we don’t live in pro studios so we have to make due at home.

Let me know if this helps

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Hi Brennan. I tried to power the VE2 with just batteries but still the same issue. By the way, as for isolated circuits, the amp is plugged into a wall outlet. The pedals (including the Aeros) are all powered by the Joyo block so they are definitely on separate circuits. I appreciate all the suggestions so far. Still looking for a solution though. Please keep trying!

I have a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 plus that I am not using. Do you think this would work in my situation? BB requires 300 ma and the Aeros is 360 ma. The Boss VE2 requires 200ma. What is your opinion?


doesn’t look like it but it could Power the VE2

350mA (each) are needed at the minimum to power Aeros and BB

I have 2 pedalboards. One is for the pedals only : delay, chorus…what have you.
The second one is Metro 24 and it has Midi Maestro, BeatBuddy, and Aeros on it.
I think that’s the best setup possible.

Hi all. I just wanted to update this post. I finally broke down and bought a quality power source. Even though my Joyo say’s it is isolated, it did not do a nice job with my digital pedal. So I bought a Cioks 4 after a lot of research. The difference is amazing. It is whisper quiet now. So your suggestions that is was power related was spot on. I would guess that the vast majority of noise is due to that. I am a happy camper now. Thanks for the suggestions. Best regards, to all.



Happy for you. It’s frustrating putting in money and time into your gear and its all gone to hell because of a weird 60hz hum. Good job! now you have to post a vid of you looping on it. :slight_smile:

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