Filename to long

every drumkit i use often i edit the wave files to make drum on the left channel and bass on the right channel on the beatbuddy. After this edit i can mix bass and drum each on a separate channel.
Today i wanted to edit a new drumset again. For this i went with bbmgr to the drumset, edit drumset.
After this bbmgr extract the wave files and i can make a copy of all the wave files of this drumset. Now i edit all the wave files at another computer without changing any filename. After finishing this i copy the files to the same location where i took it from but i get a message the filename is to long. All the filenames are max 8 characters and i found out that bbmgr extracted the wave files to a path that is over 255 characters long and that is my problem. Is there a way to make bbmgr working for a path that is shorter?

Greets Werner

This is a BBM issue. It tends to nest folders deeper and deeper over time—thus the long path. Some users report that deleting and then reinstalling the BBM will provide temporary relief but over time the paths grow deeper again. Are you using a Mac or a PC? This seems to happen quite a bit with PC users but it also happened to Mac users as well. If you’re using all caps for your file names, you can try lower case file names.

Okay, thank you!