Firmware update information

First post here. I’ve had my Aeros Loop Studio for a couple months now and I’m enjoying having it in my workflow. That said, one of the reasons I decided to spend the price asked was that I heard that Aeros was actively making updates.

I realize that it’s only been a couple months but so far I’m a little disappointed. 4.2 beta wasn’t really even beta material and realistically what I’m really waiting for is 4.5 or so.

Any word on firmware progress?

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The Aeros is constantly in progress and we cannot speed updates beyond the time they need to be made, tested, and released.

The last beta (4.2.0) was a work in progress and only for the purpose of getting feedback on the new features included specifically, this was released before the holiday break and that is related to why we were slower than expected.

We fixed all relevant reported bugs at this point along with other bugs reported in the time that 4.2.x has been in progress. We are hoping to have a clean version to release as beta imminently, but we do not have and do not give hard dates.

Though we know users may prefer it, there is no use in giving a hard date because it may change, the work we do with the Aeros (like with any digital product) is not perfectly predictable and we have a lot of use cases to consider which could prolong the releases unexpectedly.

We are also working on 4.3.x and 4.4.x in tandem, so even though it feels slow there is much progress underway and coming to the Aeros in the next few months (given there are no unexpected bugs).

Thanks for the question

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Appreciate the reply. Good to know!
For my setup the Loop Studio has been a great addition and I’m happy to have it.
Looking forward to what’s to come.

Thanks Brennan for the explanation and it is important, especially for many anxious, to have news about it.

For example:

Since Apple releases updates faster, its soft problems have been increasing. and to reach a reliable system they take the same time as if they did all the tests in a timely manner.

Update appreciated. Looking forward to the next update. All’s fine and dandy until then.