Flexible audio routing


I am thinking about buying Aeros, many features on it seem like it would really fit in my ideal workflow. But some features are not possible (yet) which is quite limiting to the workflow I have in mind. However I could see this would be possible to implement with the existing hardware. Is there any indication the following improvements might happen in the (near) future?

  1. Flexible routing / input - possibility to route any of the four inputs to any of the tracks. I am planning to perform live with voice, guitar, synth and electronic percussion pad. Mixer is not necessary, already a matrix would do.
  2. Flexible routing / output - I would like to be able to freely route different tracks to all four outputs so that the sound engineer can eq and process and mix them separately. Here as well a matrix would be more than enough.
  3. Multiple track recording (or at least two at the time) - This would obviously allow to build up the loops faster while still being able to control all the different instruments/tracks separately. The whole point of me wanting Aeros so much is that it offers a great workflow to spread the loops out to more parts easily, thus escaping the jail of a single chord sequence. Aeros is in this a giant step ahead of the (hardware based) competition but recording multiple (at least two) tracks at the same time with pre-defined inputs would put it into a different solar system.

Otherwise, I must say I truly appreciate your vision and what you accomplished so far. I assume developing such a machine takes a lot of effort and dedication and it is very obvious that you deeply understand the essence of what a looper should be.

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+1 on all of these features