Foot switch worn out on BeatBuddy?

My BeatBuddy quit working correctly at my solo gig last night. I had to finish the night without using it. It won’t change between beats or jumps to the transition and stays there until I continually push the switch. It won’t start until pushed a few times. I’m guessing the switch has gone bad. It still receives program/song changes via MIDI from OnSong. I’ve left it unpowered for a while but still does the same thing.

My next solo show is July 17th. Is there anyway to have it repaired by then? I’m not asking for a free repair or part. I have had it for a couple of years and I’m sure it’s out of warranty. I just need it repaired by July 17th. I am also not opposed to installing a part in in pedal if possible, and if that’s the quickest solution.

Thanks so much!

It happens. We abuse the hell out of these switches. That’s why I own a backup, and it’s why I have had to have units replaced/repaired in the past. I (used to, before this all started) average a rehearsal and 1.6 shows a week, and I’ve burned units at a rate of about one every two years. I think they have upgraded the switches, lately, though, as they seem to be quite sturdy.

Might be worth calling out @BeatBuddy_Support by name on this one.


FYI…This is the BeatBuddy, not the external foot switch…the external switch works correctly.

I did send them an email. I just need to make sure I get it fixed for my next gig.

It was a double whammy… They are in the process of sending me a new power source because it’s getting bad and then it flickered a few times a week or so ago. When I move the cord near the plug-in area, it would turn off and on.

When is your next show?

EDIT: I take that back, just re-read your post.

Yes, the unit itself. If you think about how many times in a night you step on that unit, you can see that the switches actually hold up pretty well, but they are doomed to fail at some point. I generally drive the BB through songs and seldom use 1-Press songs, so, for me, the weekly math looks like:

  • Practice @ 30 songs * a conservative average of 10 steps/song = 300 presses
  • Rehearsal @ 20 songs * 10 steps/song = 200 presses
  • Gigs @ 1.6* 38 songs * 10 steps = 608 presses.

So, let’s call that 1,100 presses/week. Multiply that by 52 weeks, and you get 57,200 presses/year. After my first one failed, I did that math, and immediately ordered a backup. Obviously, your mileage may vary, but it was totally worth it to me to have one in my gig bag, just in case.

And yeah, mine failed at a gig behaving exactly like yours did.

Couple of options if you can’t get it repaired or replaced before 07/17:

  1. replace the switch yourself or have a repair shop do so or
  2. if you have a remote foot switch and the latest firmware, you might be able to configure it to do what the main pedal switch does

Although you’re probably better off having @BeatBuddy_Support replace it (it never hurts to ask if they’ll replace it under warranty :thinking:), you may not be able to get it done in time because of shipping delays and because of the 4th of July next weekend with whatever impact it might have on shipping. Here’s a link to a user that might have successfully replaced his switch (includes the switch part number) Broken main foot switch

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Thanks… If I could get a hold of the switch I will change it out myself.

Well, I just looked at the switch from underneath. I checked to see if it was loose. It seems to be tight. I also blew into the area. Now, it is definitely working better now but not 100% perfect. I certainly can’t have this issue doing a show.

Since blowing out the switch seems to have helped a little, you can try DeOxit as well. If the switch hasn’t totally bitten the dust (pun intended, sorry), your pedal, due to it’s age and frequent use is probably living on borrowed time.

If you have to try and source the switch and have it shipped from Taiwan, you’ll be cutting it close.

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Thanks, Hopefully Support will get back to me quickly and maybe give me a recommendations on where to buy the switch thanks again

If you use the Deox-it, use the non-residue one. I used this, as recommended by the head of electronics at Taylor Guitars:

Good luck!

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@Restless_Ray I responded to your email.


I have a spare parts BB. I can fix them pretty easy. They are modular and many parts are easy to swap.

I agree to go through support. They’re great BUT I use a Boss two pedal switch and can set it function as the main pedal if needed so you could get by. I believe they’d get you back in business quickly though if you contact them.

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I now always carry a spare BB in my bag just in case, after one failed at an open-air gig one summer.

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As long as you are connected with Bluetooth OnSong to IPad, I would just get an Irig BlueBoard and forget foot controls on Beat Buddy…
I use SongbookPlus with Quicco mi.1 plugged in midi in/out port. iPad selects folder or song/beat, control BB with Irig Blueboard. Use iPad app MidiFlow to virtual connect.
Then have spare Irig Blueboard

I have a solution to eliminate touching the Beat Buddy Pedal…this is what I use. Check out my video demo.

Controlling the Beat Buddy with Midi Bluetooth Pedal. A wireless solution.


Very cool!