Footswitch (BB)

This is my 2nd footswitch (for BB) as I had the first gen and just completely gave up on the right footswitch working. So I bought the 2nd gen with the larger switches and now the same thing’s happening. The right switch works intermittently. (I’ve set it as a crash). FYI I always test it on the Standard drumkit just to be sure. Any suggestions?

Did you use the footswitch detection (very important)
Do you test the crash on the left switch?
Do you use a TRS cable (stereo)
Didi you set the footswitch correctly in the parameters (footswitch 2 when playing>accent hit)

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Thanks for the suggestions NHYC but I don’t think I’ve made myself clear enough. The problem is with the right switch working intermittently. Not with the right switch not working at all. So I would presume I have all the right settings as it works most of the time, but not all the time. I hope that was clear enough.

I’ve noticed this behavior particularly when switching drum kits and genres. E.G. I’ll be on one genre on the standard kit and would loop a song (as I have the MM and Aeros synced to my BB as well, plus a Boomerang and a Ditto X4) at this point the right switch for my crash will work well…but then when I switch genres and kits…and then switch back to the same genre and standard kit that I was working with earlier, then the 2nd switch would quit working…I suspect it has something with too much MIDI syncing perhaps?

I think what NYHC has suggested is a solid starting point for troubleshooting your issue.

Since this happened with a previous remote foot switch (RFS), it sounds like it could be a potentially bad connection between your pedal and RFS.

Start by opening up your BeatBuddy (BB) pedal and checking the RFS input jack. Look for a cold solder joint. Insert your TRS cable and make sure that the tip, ring and sleeve of the TRS jack are making good contact.

The next steps are to check that your TRS cable does not have an intermittent short. The easiest way to test would be to replace with another TRS cable.

Can be to much midi
try with the Aeros alone to see what’s happen


Before you pull stuff apart, try a different TRS cable. I’ve had a similar intermittent issue and it turned out to be nothing more than a cold solder joint in one of the jacks.

I see how that might affect it, but if it were the TRS cable, or the footswitch jack on the BB, then shouldn’t it affect both switches? I use the left one (programmed for pausing) a lot more and have never had issues with it.

Will try that out tomorrow, I appreciate the suggestions!

Trying that tomorrow, appreciate the suggestion!

The TRS cable shorts the tip or the sleeve to the barrel, depending on which button you push. If the cable is flaky, the pedal might see one of those shorts, but not the other. Or it may see one reliably but only see the other one intermittently.

Really sounds like (and I hope it is, because it’s the cheap solution!) a bad cable.

Ahh, now it makes sense, hoping it’s just the cable then! You guys have a great rest of the day ahead, Stay safe…

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One of my better purchases that has been indispensable for checking cables. And the test tone has been handy for troubleshooting signal paths.


Similar here: Yorkville Accessories

Now the right switch’s completely dead. Not being detected by the BB. I have tried another TRS cable and nothing. This was the same exact scenario with the first FS. I have never opened my BB up before…so if it were the BB FS input then buying the FS+ wouldn’t have solved the issue before, which it did; for a few years that is. I am now convinced this is subpar manufacturing for the FS. SS has dropped the ball on this one. I bet if I bought another FS+ again then issue will be solved. I am happy with the products so far (I have all three…BB, Aeros + MM) but this is just unacceptable. I can’t keep on buying a new FS every two years! (I first bought my BB with the first gen FS around May 2018, then the FS+ right before the pandemic I believe).

since the footswitch only contains two momentary switches and nothing more than that, why not replace the switch only. It’s much cheaper than buying a complete new unit. Or buy a generic two button footswitch.

Because it might be both the BB and the FS+ having issues. i just found this thread and it looks like only SS can tell us what exactly’s happening:

I bought my BB 2018, so I’m not sure if the older models had this issue specifically…but yeah…waiting for feedback from SS…

Strange I had same intermittent problem and always was the cable. I truly believe all cables have tolerances in them as far as dimensions. This one particular brand would not work…
You can always do away with the cables and switches and go with a Airturn pedal. As in my you tube video…I am using bt200s-6 but the Bt500s-6 is the newer model. Links are in my video for the widimaster and Airturn pedal…

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