Footswitch configuration

I can not seem to get the footswitch to configure properly. When I press the right pedal during configuration it says right pedal not detected. When I go to the set list, it moves one song at a time, but I do not seem to have the cymbal sound anymore. I have been through the instructions and do not really find much about how to set this up properly.

Double check the cable. Most likely you use a mono cable. You need to use a stereo cable!

NO, it is the cable that came with the unit, which is a short 6 in or so cable.

I tried plugging in another cable and get the same result.
Make sure you use the cable that looks like the upper one in this picture - with two black plastic insertions and not one - as the lower one.
This may be the issue with the shipped cable. But let’s first confirm it by using another stereo cable.

Could be that you need to check to make sure cable is plugged in all the way on both ends. Made that mistake a few times myself. Jim, I noticed in your picture that you are wearing a “Thumbpick”! Do you play “Fingerstyle”? I see you’re still entertaining at 69 years. I am 73 now and still play music in my room every night. I don’t play out anymore since a severe back injury and I sure do miss it. Always did like entertaining people. Did it for over 60+ years. My Mom played music all her life too. She lived to be 87 and was still playing at that age. She played Keyboard (organ & piano). I have played “Fingerstyle” all my life. Learned from Chet Atkins records and developed my own style from there. I have a music room set up in my new house in Texas and still play every night until about 3:00am in the morning. Build my own guitars and “Hot Rod” Tele’s and Strat’s. I sell a few now and then, enough to make room for more. Write back when you can. Love to talk music. I don’t think this website will allow me to give out my
E-mail or Facebook though. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I had played all my life but not real serious then about 4 or 5 years ago, I got really serious about the whole thing. Cut a CD and did not like the vocals all that well, so bought a program called Singing Success and worked a couple of hours a day. Now I am really happy with the vocals. I did some finger picking because I am a totally avid fan of John Prine but except for a few rare listeners, when I play in restaurants and bars in Mexico, they do not listen intently enough to get his stuff. So I do Waylon, Willie, Jimmy Buffett, Creedence, Eagles, Kristofferson, Peter Paul Mary, and my new love which is Mariachi. I play a couple of times a week and have a girl from Canada who plays when she is here and a music instructor from here in the Baja that plays the wildest 12 string guitar you have ever seen. The BeatBuddy has been a real welcome addition and gives me the freedom to do more solo performances because they are fuller and richer sounding. I think I will get around to retiring in another 10-20 years from now.

I am having the same problem with yes, the supplied TRS patch, Its depressing.
Only left button works.

If you are using the correct TRS patch cable and it’s fully seated at both ends and you’ve configured the remote foot switch (detect and configure settings), it should work. You could try

  • reconfiguring the foot switch
  • trying with another TRS patch cable
  • installing or reinstalling firmware 1.8.5 and run detector again

What does the detector display? Press left button and then right button? Anything else?

  • Right Button Not Working Issue
    Im on FIRM 1.8.5



Ok an update/ possible work around for at least some right button detection issues

I got it working but Im not sure which step fixed it?
[]I formatted the SD card
]I deleted BB Manager software and all the BB bundles using “add remove software”
[]I updated BeatBuddy Manager to (Firmware 1.8.5)
]I restarteds computer (Windows10)
[*]I exported project to freshly formatted SD card, I chose the “not to synch” option

Seems to be working for now :rolleyes:


Just got the BeatBuddy today and plugged in an old Behringer foot switch with 2 buttons and got lucky. It got recognized and I set it the way I wanted it. It has a 10 foot cord built into the switch.

Nice, can i ask your preferences left right, playing and stopped ? ; )

foot switch functions
1st Switch Stopped > Song Advance
1st Switch Playing > Pause/Unpause
2d Switch Stopped > Song Back
2d Switch Playing > Outro Fill

Nice setup.

I envy you, You have avoided the dreaded double tap for endings.

Unfortunately for me, I seem to use the accent during and between songs

Thanks heaps

HA HA! so many choices only 2 buttons.

I’ve noticed that at times the plug comes out of the footswitch jack ever so slightly and causes switching not to work at times. Got to keep an eye on that.

I am having same problem. Did as directions stated and am using the supplied cable.Tried 4 different times and it did NOT detect the pedal so I connected my Marshall 2 button foot switch up to the beat buddy and it works perfect? I called the electronics store (out of State) where I purchased it and they are sending Me another one however I have to pay $11.35 shipping ? to return the first one which I just received today!. What gives ? This is the 3rd time this week that I have had to return an electronic item and got stuck paying for return postage. I think the beat buddy is a great tool but please do a little better in your QC department

Yep that is kind of crazy. Especially if it is defective. I usually order through Sweetwater or Zsound. Something is wrong it’s all prepaid no questions asked. been my luck anyway.

I am very annoyed with my intermittent right button detection. AGAIN
Dont want to buy another Beatbuddy one as the last one seems to be shit.
Back to Ebay…keep you posted