Footswitch noise

I’m new to the Aeros Loop Studio, BB, and to looping in general, and honestly I love it. I wish I had it, and had started doing this years ago. It’s so fun, and such an incredibly good way to practice and make music, I can’t believe it. I’ve already created a few things I would like to record, which brings me to my question.

The footswitches, although they feel great, are so loud. I can see this being an obstacle to recording with the Aeros/midi maestro, any time I’m using a mic.

I’m wondering if there isn’t a way to add dampeners of some sort to their design? Or is this a feature other people like for some reason I’m not considering?

I think a user has already posted a potential solution. You can probably search the forum and find the post by searching. His post included pictures of what he did.

I think @persist maybe referring to a modification of the Midi Maestro, which has even noisier switches than Aeros. But I don’t know whether this would work with Aeros as well, apart from the fact that you will ruin your warranty.

Another solution would be an external midi controller. But for acoustic recordings I would strongly advise against the Midi Maestro. You could look after something like the Nektar Pacer, Behringer FCB1010, Keith McMillan Soft Step, iRig BlueBoard or something similar.

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Aeros midi does not support all functions of the onboard buttons, but a midi update in the future is expected to address some of the current shortcomings.

I use the Nektar Pacer and recommend it for its solid build, soft/silent switches and programmability using Chrome browser.

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Hmmm, not crazy about either of those. Just spent 300 on the midi maestro, so buying an additional midi controller is not ideal. And I’m definitely not voiding my warranty by opening anything up and soldering brand new gear.

Hopefully this will be something Singular Sound will try and address in the future.