Footswitch+ settings

Is there something specific to do to save the footswitch settings I created as the new default.
I disconnect my MAIN PEDAL (unplugging from power, unplugging from the foot switch).
Plug into new location by my MacBook.
Update it with the new files I created (EXPORT from MAC to SD CARD NONAME).
When I re-connect the foot switch it reverts back to the BB factory settings.

Couple of different workarounds:

  • With your SD card in your pedal, adjust your pedal settings to taste.
  • Place the SD card in your computer SD slot reader.
  • Copy the PARAMS folder from your card to your desktop and leave it there.
  • Next time you export your project using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to your card, use the Finder to replace the PARAMS folder on your SD with the one on your desktop.

Instead of copying to your desktop, you could try copying to your bbworkspace folder. The path is ~user/documents/bbworkspace/user_lib/projecs (folder). Whenever you export your project to your card, it should export the PARAMS folder as well. YMMV as some users reported that it didn’t work reliably.

If you’d like more information, you can search the forum for “workaround.”

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I can confirm the second path works. Just copy the params folder once into your workspace and then it will persist (haha) the ones you prefer.

For what it’s worth though, as a Mac user, it’s way easier to use BBLoader to manage your card. it doesn’t impact your settings at all. I use BBManager to manage the .sng files only, and use BBLoader to get the .sng files on the card and to organize them.


Thanks. Ill give it a try.

Something doesn’t seem right. Can I assume that the footswitch.ini is where these settings are stored?

I have my BB pedal connected thru USB to my MacBook and the footswitch plugged into BB pedal. Here’s what is in the PARAMS folder for each:

SD card (NONAME) Backuip project.bbp…PARAMS I have INFO.BCF, TEMP.INI

MacBook Backuip project– Project… (where my user created files are) PARAMS folder I have hash.bcf, INFO.BCF, TEMP.INI, FOOTSW.INI

MacBook BBWorkspace…PARAMS folder I have hash.bcf, INFO.BCF, TEMP.INI

The FOOTSW.INI does not get copied to the SD card when I ‘Export Project to SD CARD’ from my MacBook. Is there some setting that’s preventing this? (It appears that everything else gets copied.)

If I manually copy FOOTSW.INI to the SD Card, will that file get updated when I enter my footswitch preferences?
Can I manually edit the FOOTSW.INI on my Mac, then manually copy it to the SD Card each time I do an update? (I want my left switch to be the BB Main Pedal and the right switch to be a PAUSE.)

I’m not sure how to answer your question regarding footswitch.ini.

However, when I:

  1. Setup my settings on the pedal
  2. Copy the whole PARAMS folder into the MacBook BBWorkspace (the one that loads into BBM)
  3. Any time I export after that, it uses those contents.

Again though, I would recommend just NOT using export from BBM and NOT using BBM to manage your card. Use BBLoader to manage your cards and then you never have to worry about losing your settings.

Yes, the foot switch settings are stored in the footsw.ini file. Could you elaborate on “what doesn’t seem right.” Either of the processes we suggested should work. If you have an SD slot reader in your MacBook, please use that instead of the USB connection method as your laptop’s slot reader is a more reliable data transfer method.

This just happens to be the way the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Export process works when transferring your project to the SD card—it omits sending the user’s preferred and updated foot switch settings during the process. Whether or not that’s by design, it’s hard to say. There is no setting that Mac users can change that will make it work with Export. The BBM Synchronization process is where the bi-directional transfer of foot switch settings should take place. However, the Mac version of the BBM software is buggy—the Synchronization does not work, if it did, then the foot switch settings would be preserved by the BBM and would be transferred during every synchronization.

Your entire project should be contained within the bbworkspace folder and not spread across two separate folders.

Yes however, your footsw.ini file should be contained within the PARAMS folder. This is why we suggest updating your foot switch settings on your pedal and then copying the PARAMS folder from your SD card to your MacBook desktop. If you wish to use the BBM File > Export > Project to your SD card method, you must then copy and paste the PARAMS folder from your desktop to your SD card. If and when you update your pedal settings, you will have to copy the PARAMS folder back to your desktop.

As josborn777 suggests, the BB Loader process should make life easier for you to keep your foot switch settings current and updated on your pedal.

Yes, but not recommended as I’m not sure what we’re trying to convey to you is sinking in yet or could be that you’re trying to read too much into it? It might be more helpful for you to contact Support, and see if they can help you make better sense of what’s going on.

Thanks. I did this and it works.

  1. Setup my settings on the pedal
  2. Copy the whole PARAMS folder into the MacBook BBWorkspace (the one that loads into BBM)
  3. Any time I export after that, it uses those contents
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I was hesitant to copy the entire params folder because the TEMP.INI appeared to have different location pointers and I didn’t want to screw up the BBManager loading of my customized drums and sng files.
Backup made. Tested and works.

Yes…im probably reading too deep into this. But i like to know Why things happen, not just that they Do.

New to this. So more questions will be coming.

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Oh… And Where is BBLoader?

I’m using a Macbook with m1 chip and latest OS.
And therefore also have to use a hub with SD card reader.

I’m in the same boat (M1 chip, no SD port) and I also use a dongle to attach my SD card to my MacBook. No issues with BBLoader with that setup.