i was just wondering if additional footswitches would work with the beatbuddy?
i’m still waiting for my bb footswitch, but i have other pedals at home right now and even when i get the original footswitch, maybe i can use an additional pedal for further options and extended use of the bb?
i also have the voicelive 3 and i know that’s compatible with the bb, but haven’t even tried any of the the looping functions yet.

Currently BeatBuddy supports up to either one dual footswitch or two single ones.

ok, thanx for the info.

I use two FS-5U Pedals with a modified Stereo Switchcraft Plug which I already had mounted on my pedalboard. I also purchased the Beat Buddy remote pedal but don’t use it. Fingerstylepicker.

Amen on the boss pedals fingerstylepicker!! no more loud “Clacks” during a tender ballad in a quiet venue! I just used a Y or insert cable TS and RS to TRS

ok thanx for the alternatives there, guys.
still considering other options than the original footswitch, since it’s still not available in Sweden and I would also prefer a silent footswitch (as referred to in the post above).
the options are (i guess):

do you know of any other alternatives out there, that’s worth checking out?
which footswitch would you consider to be the very best option?

Hi brynte5. You have lots of options.

You can buy a ready-made footswitch from Andrew Schibilla (analog endeavors) who advertises on

Or if you’re handy with a soldering iron, you could order the parts online and build one. Some sources for the parts include but are not limited to:

  • (for jacks and switches); recommend SPST momentary (normally closed) switches by Carling. They are VERY quiet and durable
  • where you can order a Hammond 1590B enclosure and rubber feet; you can have it painted and drilled to your needs
  • you will also need a TRS cable, 18"; Monoprice is usually a good source

If you want to build one, send me a private message and I will share the parts list I used as well as some building tips.



There is the Boss FS-7 that seems interesting.

thanx persist, but i definately do not wanna build my own footswitch.
i just don’t have the knowledge or the interest for it.

i’ve seen that footswitch jean-francois, but i’m afraid it would be too complicated (for me) to use it.
currently i need my setup very tight around my right foot, so i know where the switches are without having to look down, or move my foot.
i have my right foot leaning against my voicelive 3, so i know where my foot is and can easily get harmonies.
i have placed my beatbuddy on the other side (of my foot), so that my foot almost leans on it, so i can use that too, without looking.
i just have to turn my foot to the left to get harmonies and to the right to use the bb.
the Boss FS-7 would mean lifting my whole foot to access it and than i would be lost and forced to look down and i want to avoid that.
these 2 pedals are more than i can handle at the moment, but i’m hoping/ assuming it’ll get better with practice.
so i’m probably gonna have a lot of problems with yet another footswitch, which probably means i’ll have to move my foot and lose track of where it is, but i also think another footswitch is required to get the most out of the bb.

i’m currently leaning towards buying two FS-5U Pedals…
i won’t have to program them, right?
another thing that concerns me is that a friend of mine has boss pedals and he complains about having to tap them twice before they respond, but i guess that’s another pedal from boss and not the FS-5U, right?

they seem to have 2 advantages compared to the original (please correct me if i’m wrong).
1 - they are quiet.
2 - they can be both separated or hooked together as one pedal.

any thoughts to help me decide?

The FS-5U work fine. The only problem with them is they are bulky. I use the small enclosure dual footswitches you can get off Ebay. More room on pedalboards. Look better :slight_smile:

I’m using an old Vox dual footswitch I had lying around the house. Works great. I did have to go into the Beatbuddy settings (press Drum Set and Tempo buttons simultaneously) to have the Beatbuddy detect it as a latching 2-button footswitch.

Edited to add: Just be careful not to knock about the footswitch TRS cord, or you’ll trigger unwanted “accent hits”.

I get the same thing with the cord. Just have to touch it and it sets off an accent

a link to those would be nice :slight_smile:
i don’t use ebay, but they might have them in some musicstore?

i don’t think i’ll be assigning a switch to set off an accent.
i’m just learning how to use the bb without messing the songs up and i don’t even have any footswitches assigned to it yet, which will be even more challenging to get used to :wink:
so having an accent assigned is a very small priority for me right now.
maybe i’ll get to that some day.
i haven’t checked all options to assign to the footswitches yet, but number 1 on my list would be to be able to stop a beat without playing the outro every time.
i know i can set it up so that it doesn’t play any outros at all, but i want outros on some of the songs, just definately not all of them.
i guess i could just delete the outros i don’t want using the bb manager…?
would that mean an instant stop at the next bar?

Instant song stop (without outro) = Pause from the footswitch, and then hold Main Pedal to end the song. That way you can still have an outro (not removed via BBManager), an you can choose between either playing or not playing it every time you use that song.

It wouldn’t work only if you set your BeatBuddy to trigger fills/transitions on pedal press (default is trigger on pedal release).

Being able to advance to the next song is important to me. Having to bend down after each song to set up the pedal is not only inconvenient and unsightly, but hard on the back!! Can any footswitch be set up to advance to the next song on my list?

When BeatBuddy is stopped, one of the footswitches is assigned to go to the next song in a folder by default (the other one is Accent Hit).

Just realized something about some footswitches I had laying around. I have two Behringer foot switches for amps & bass heads just sitting there. They are built very similar to the the Boss FS-5U pedals and are double. They have normally open contacts and already have the “Stereo Plugs” installed on them and would be great for the BB Pedal. Won’t need to use them because I already have the FS-5U Pedals mounted on my Pedalboard, but realized these would be good for the same purpose and they’re already setup to go and they’re cheap too. You could probably get one or two at a music store that handles Behringer Amps. Just thought you might like to know. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

This is direct to David Pakouz. Mr David, you might think about changing the switches in the external foot pedal to “Momentary Contacts” with no “Clicks” in the mechanisim. You could also offer these as separate option on the side to those that already have their switch pedals. I know I would purchase them separately if they were available. These types of switches would rarely ever wear out due to the type of mechanism, would be silent and light to the touch. Put them on the market as an optional switch when someone would order the switch either with or later after the purchase of the BB Pedal. A lot of us would like this “quiet” switch especially for use in the studio with “Open Mics”. There might be a wide market open up for this extra option available. Something to think about. Most of us do our own modifications anyway when it comes to making something “Custom”. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.