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Hi guys and gals! I see some song files have multiple .sng files. I just use download the largest file. Am I supposed to use the other files as well? And do I put midi files on the beat buddy pedal as well? Thanks!

It depends on what you are looking to play, one-press drums only (v1), one-press drums and bass guitar (v2) or one-press drums, bass and other instruments (v3, v4, v5 etc).

You might find this link helpful resources. Check out the embedded link for acronyms and then download and read the Quick Start Guide.

You don’t have to import all of the songs from any of my posts; just the one-press songs you want to play along with. You don’t need to import or use the .MID files—when included, they’re for users that want to try crafting their own BeatBuddy (BB) songs using a digital audio workstation (DAW).

Thank you so much for the help!! Very good to know the people on this forum are so helpful with each other

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