Four Bodhrán Drumsets (with distinct Tippers)

Hallo folks,
this is my gift for Paddy’s day: Four Bodhrán drumsets played with a standard tipper, a jazzy hot rod, a click tipper, and a brush. The sets are more aligned to contemporary bodhrán style, better suited for song accompainment - which is obviously the main usage for the BeatBuddy. You might get an impression by listening to the attached examples (zipped mp3 files).
Notice that you cannot use standard patterns with any of these bodhrán drumsets! If you just recall that bodhrán is one single drum that can produce one sound at a time only, then it’s clear why: Patterns made up for ordinary drum kits contain up to four strikes at a time, usually with arbitary micro-timing, but bodhrán patterns have one at a time at maximum. A bodhrán player aiming to simulate a drum kit picks a proper tipper and the applies a reduction of the patterns by simulating the most imortant stoke at a time only. If somebody knows a technical approach better than saving “reduced” patterns: You’re welcome to share! Till then, need to use dedicated bodhrán patterns. However, the four drumsets here are interchangeable.
So why then two weeks before Paddy’s day? It’s because you’ll probably will want to make up some “songs” from the basic patterns that I included in this DropBox repository (in subfolder “Bodhrán”):

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How would I incorporate the four beats posted so that I can use them on the beatbuddy? I am playing irish music for St.Paddy’s and need thee beats in a format that can allow me to vary the tempo as required. They do not seem to be in a SNG format.

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the four files I included with my post are just a shortcut to get an impression on how the drumsets sound. If you want to use the stuff, you’ll have to import the respective drumset(s) (.drm) and “folder” file(s) (.pbf) from the dropbox location I gave.
Have a nice Paddy’s day,

Nice job man I’ll add some bass after Paddy’s Day!!

Wow!! Wow!!
This is an incredible gift!!!
Thank you so much.

Great stuff. Thanks

Great for Scottish stuff too. I play accordion with my daughter on fiddle. Many thanks for creating these.

How do I add those files to the beatbuddy sd card

It probably wouldn’t hurt to start off by reading the quick start guide and user manual which is one of the links here resources

Thanks for that it was really helpful getting used to it now

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thanx thats great