General Aeros midi question

Is Aeros midi implementation developed enough that with an optional midi foot controller one could access any of the six tracks (in 6 x 6 mode) by simply pressing a designated switch? I’m so fatigued scrolling through to the desired track using just the Aeros. It sucks the fun out of multiple track options.

Thanks for any “hand holding” offered as I’m not yet midi savvy.

Nope not yet. However new midi implementation is supposed to come someday…

Doesn’t the Midi Maestro do this?

9:17 seems to show separate button to play any of 6 tracks… or is this video just about what it’s eventually supposed to do? I really hope video is right… I just spent $300 to get one largely for this and the ability to select songs, which also seems to be in this video at 3:13.

You can use the current midi implementation to mute and unmute, and undo/redo specific tracks. See the first post here for full midi implemetation:

Mute works properly, but the last time I checked unmuting a single track will unmute all tracks.

Another recent thread indicates improved midi implementation will be a focus of one of the next Aeros updates.


They must have fixed that one because it’s something that I do a lot of without issue. My only issue with it is that there’s only a toggle (1 command per track), I can’t explicitly command a track to mute or unmute regardless of current state. Hopefully that’s going to be part of the next MIDI release.


when will the aeros and bb see each other’s bpm info so we don’t have to reach down for each aeros selection and set the bb tempo? also, if you had a small hand held remote to use for this …

You may want to look at the app setlist maker by arlo or on song. I use setlist maker so select the drumset, tempo beat style on bb and send the song screen command to the aeros so that i don’t have to bent down ever. Cant wait for the upcoming firmware on the aeros that should offer the possibility to select songs on the aeros.

forget the app…but is there a way to set the aeros “song” to “accept any tempo” instead of locking in and saving the 1 tempo? this would at least give some flexibility to " not bend over".

Load the song, hold down Play/Stop All and then choose to delete all tracks (or do that any time after the song has had a track put to it). That should free it from a locked in BPM I believe. It works for me, but our situations may be different since I don’t use a BB, but I do rely on an external master clock for setting tempo in a similar way. The Aeros BPM will take a bar or two of sampling the clock playing from the other device to find the new BPM (at least with a master clock like I’m using).

Don’t do this for a song that you have saved that you want to keep. Delete All is like an auto save also, you’ll lose the song’s tracks on your storage device (at least that’s the way it is in my case running the latest firmware). This is a lesson I had to learn a few times before I realized what was going on.