Groove Monkee vs. BB loops

I’m using both BB and GrooveMonkey loops.
Problem is the GrooveMonkey loops hit with greater velocity.
So when switching between songs the BB loops sound weak.
Adust the levels to sound great for BB then if the next song happens to be GrooveMonkey boom too much.
I’m using the same Rock Drum Kit settings for all songs.
Whats the cure for this?
Besides having a sound man constantly adjusting drum levels.

Cure is, adjust the velocity of each note using the BBmanager or a DAW to match those of the BB loops.
Maybe this can help too.

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Yeah I can’t think of any other way.

Wow that’s alot of notes to adjust!
I’ve thought about that.
Thanks for the imput.


Yes. Edit the kit. Won’t take too long. That’s if there’s scope to do it.

But if the velocities of the notes vary so much between song parts created from BBM and GM, changing the kit volumes itself wouldn’t make a difference as there would still be a big difference between the song parts.

So, it’s a case of either lowering velocities of notes in all the GM songs or upping them for the BB songs if you are using the same kit.

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