Hammond w/Bass kit

Kit I finally created, Bass and organ, as well as a GM compatible kit, and documentation explaining what’s in the kit.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbbawzo3ckpybj7/Hammond with Bass kit and documentation.zip?dl=0

in manager - I do not hear the bass only the hammond. Could it be I have to try it on the pedal to hear the bass?

The bass is mapped at Midi 0 through 33. The regular “with bass” songs are not going to have bass notes playing there. Try the “Soul Sacrifice” that I included with the kit. Otherwise, you might want to reduce the organ levels in the drum kit editor.

Thanks Phil I will give it a shot. Yes that was the song I tried and with your bass kit. Like you said maybe the bass is just being overpowered by the keys. Great to see this. I need to try this kit with house of the rising son!

Thanks. I listened to it again today to be sure bass was coming through. I definitely have bass before the organ comes in at the beginning of Soul Sacrifice, and I can hear bass below the organ parts. I am thinking I may need to redo the bass samples with some added compression to increase the perceived volume of the bass. I was afraid to make them too loud because I had issues with a kit I downloaded. Maybe I went too far the other way. I will try the kit on the pedal tomorrow to see how it sounds through the amps.

It’s working as I intended through the pedal and the amps. I do appreciate all feedback on the kit, though, and I will be making more kits in the future, so the more feedback I get, the better.

Thanks Phil for the kit, how do I create a song with this ? I need House of rising sun!!!

Create your midi tracks in a DAW as you normally would. There are House of the Rising Sun midi’s for free on the internet, but I have not found one that had the organ solo worked out properly. Once you have your tracks sounding the way you want them in a DAW, Select your bass tracks, and move all of the notes from where they are, probably E1 through E3, for example, to E-2 through E-0. Same idea with the organ. Wherever you mapped it, and again I’m guessing, you might have it in the C2 through C5 range, move that up to C5 through C8. Merge your tracks together, export the mid, and put that midi into BBM.

i’m working on a couple of songs that sound fine when I play through BB Manager…when I use the pedal the notes from the organ parts seems to cascade over one another. Should the “Choke Group” be on for the Organ ?

Hi Phil, thanks for your reply, I am very new to all this and don’t know the first thing about creating midi tracks or
even what DAW is, what program /tool do I get for the first step ?

OK. Well, that will make things a bit more difficult. First DAW is short for Digital Audio Workstation. It’s basically a music creation program. The more popular ones are Garageband, Logic Pro X, Audacity, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Sonar - there are a bunch of them. Audacity is still available for free, I believe, and its not too shabby. I use Logic Pro X, but I have been on Macs since 1984, so I’m a little prejudiced in that regard. So, the first step would be to find a DAW you like and learn how to make and play back basic midi tracks.

Your cascading sound issue is very likely a firmware issue. There is a firmware update that adds midi note off capabilities to the pedal. There is thread in the Bug Report section of the forum that deals with this. I’ll find the link and send it to you. You will need to request the beta software from one of the adminstrators. (I think Persist has it.) In the meantime, yeah, go ahead and try the choke group idea - that might work.

As alternative, until you learn how to work a DAW, you could look for a commerical House of the Rising Sun midi on web. If you find one you like (they usually have an ,mp3 preview available,) purchase it and if you send me a copy, I could turn it into a .sng file for the pedal.

I can’t find that thread, so maybe the newest firmware has that incorporated.

Found it - check your inbox.

Phil…I did the firm ware upgrade and it took care of my Cascade problem. Thanks again for making this drum kit, its opened up all sorts of songs I wanted to do (one man band)

Nice on Phil.
Having a Hammond organ incorporated into a GM kit opens up many possibilities for me when downloading midi files of the net.
Like to try it out with Samba Pa Ti, Black Magic Woman, Smooth and Lynyrd Skynyrd FreeBird.

Is there anyway you could create a new drum kit with a synthesizer (keep mappings the same)? It would open up a ton of songs.

That’s on my to do list. Synth bass or straight bass? And what kind of synth (just name a song that has the kind of tone your after - i have tons of samples, and I am always looking for new ones.) I takes a bit of effort to put a kit together. Using the drums I have now would make it a bit easier, since it keeps me from having to create the samples. And for me, it works out best if I keep the left right split. That said, building a kit without a left/right split would be faster, since I don’t have to remix samples. Personally, I think that is asking for trouble at the mixing stage, but to each his own.

I was thinking Rush - “subdivisions” type of tone would be cool. I think the rest of the kit is great as is. Thanks!

I got something in the ballpark for that. It’s from SampleTank, T-Reese. It’ll need some massaging, run it through an EQ, to get it where I like it, but yeah, that’ll be a cool sound - def synthy. Rush used an Oberheim and a mini-moog, and I have more Roland, Kurzweil and Korg stuff, but, like I said, it’ll be in that general family of tone - its a Sawtooth with a lot of manipulation.

Hi Phil,
Just returned from 2 weeks off & am pleasantly surprised w your contributions. :wink: good work.

I am in the process of using your Hammond kit with the intent of adding the organ fill to Samba pa ti,
( just before the main 2nd G Am solo/rythmn kicks in … it was so sparse w/out it) … everything else will be ‘bling’ afterwards.
I tried a new file, but had to review where the bass lines were, & where I needed them to go
so I screenshot the settings of my version & moved/adjusted in the the BB mgr …I now have the bass lined up,
but I’m just at the ‘add organ line’ phase now , …it’s quite the learning curve to document it all. (labor of love …lol)
I’ll have to do another complete do over w my midi .
so my q is …
how far/what software did you use … to move the bass lines midi down, move the organ up ?
the drums seem to fall in line ok w minimal tweaking.
I’ve checking yours & Brian O’meara’s sngs, he seems to have picked it up right away.
… anything to shorten my learning curve? :wink:
I just dl’d Dale Kennemers blank keyboard midi mapper for my visual aid[SIZE=6].[/SIZE]
Thanks again for contributing to the betterment of this awesome product.
I’m looking fwd to building a few new tunes w these additions.