HEEEEEEELP! Where do I find all of the various (many) drum kits that are needed? And requesting a couple songs!

Hey all, be patient with me as I’m brand new to BB and the forum.

Ok, so I have spent hours & hours on the forum reading as well downloading song files (Persist & Phil are amazing, thanx for sharing!). When I open the zip and read what is required to play the song I see so many references to various drum, piano etc. files that are needed to be installed.

Question: Where in the heck do I find all of these? Does anyone have a “one-stop shop/download” posting that I can visit? Frustrating when I import the songs then view them in BB Mgr., they are empty and when they play not much to them if anything. I finally figured out it is because I do not have the additional files required installed.

Last but not least, looking for a couple songs that I did not come across: Can’t You See - Marshall Tucker, Free w/Into the Mystic version - Zac Brown , My Sweet Carolina - Ryan Adams, Paradise & Souvenirs - John Prine, I hope that I don’t fall in love with you - Tom Waits and Mamma I’m Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne.

Thx Gang

DDay from Ontario Canada

I’ve add a couple more since I posted this message. If you are looking for a kit with a similar name to what is posted, i.e., Bosendorfer vs. NP Bosendorfer, read the notes and try the similar kit.

If there is NO similar kit, and it’s a kit I posted, you may request that I repost or replace the kit. Depending upon my personal workload, this may take several days.

When, for example, Persist posts a song with 4 or 5 drum kits “needed,” you only need one kit. It’s one kit per song Version. DOP use kits that are only drums. OPB use drum+bass kits. OPBk use drums, bass and a keyboard. Some kit have an OPBk plus a 4th instrument.

Hey Phil, thx bud. In fact you are the Phil I was referring to and thanking along with Persist in my original email so not at all surprised that you responded. I would appreciate a little clarification please remembering this is all new to me - after I have downloaded the drum kits from the forums drum kit section then imported in my BB Mgr, do I then need to open the song file and choose the drum kit that is applicable/listed or does the manager automatically pull it from my drum kit file listing?

Gotta say, you guys truly are amazing, BeatBuddy owners/mgmt owe you a huge debt cause no doubt the result of your hard, tenuous work and support of their product to their customers is making the investment we make more attractive and selling them a shit load of product!

Cheers and thank you thank you thank you!!!


After you download the kit from the forum, you’ll then unzip it, if it is a zipped file. The resulting unzip should contain a .drm and a .pdf file describing what is in the kit. Sometimes, it will just be the .drm file. To get the .drm into Beat Buddy Manager, and then into your pedal, from Beat Buddy Manager, select File>Import>Drumset. Then navigate to the .drm file and select it. Beat Buddy Manager will add the kit to the bottom of your Drum Sets list.


Like here. The Yamaha DD-65 kit would have just been imported. But, to use it, I have to first check the box in front of it:


You can see the faint check mark in the picture. On my Mac, it is actually blue with a white check mark, when checked.

Once you have that done, a song that needs the kit should “see” the kit and have the asterisk in front of the drum kit name should disappear. If it does not disappear, or, as is the case when the drum kit name has been changed even slightly, you will need to select the kit from the drop down in the song:


So, sometimes it’s automatic, and sometimes it’s not.

Once you have the kit installed in BBM and selected for the song, you then want to File>Save Project to keep all that up to date. To get the kit on to the pedal, you Synchronize the Project, if that option is available to you. Otherwise, you will File>Export>Project to SD Card. That will take a few minutes to complete.


Oh, and the guy who makes a lot of the song files, is just Phil, although I have quite a few, too. Mine will all say Phil_Flood.

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Once again, much appreciation thank you! SO incredibly helpful. Now, do you guys give guitar lessons too! :):rofl:

Yes, but only in person. :grinning: