HELP Beatbuddy don't power ON

A nice surprise today, my Beatbuddy won’t power ON
NO light on the screen
I try another power supply with the same spec and nothing
I try another SDcard (a backup on) and nothing

Is my BB dead ?
TX for all the help

It may not be dead. Try the steps from this link to see if you can get it working again:

Thanks for your help
I did the same (I’m familiar with Disk Image)
But still nothing
Goddman !
I contact the support and will wait what they say

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I have the same issue. My BB wont power on. I went through the step above and still blank screen. Yes, I used the same original 4G SD card. Then also did a reformat, copied BB 4.0 firmware. But still no response, dead screen. Interesting note, my midi-mistro also did same thing. No way to power it up as well.

Thats a lot of money wasted.

Sorry you’re still having issues. Best thing to do is to contact

Had you tried plugging the adapters into a different outlet? It seems odd both would fail so close in time together. Also on the BB, make sure the barrel connector is pushed all the way into the jack. I seem to recall I had a problem a few years back when when barrel connector wasn’t fully seated.
Good luck…

First to test is another power supply
If this not work, contact support