HELP! BeatBuddy gone kaput

Can anyone offer a solution? We were an hour into our third gig yesterday (one lunchtime, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening) when I introduced our next song, hit the peddle and it went straight to outro. Messed around for a while trying different things but in the end had to apologise to the audience that the evening was over.

The screen currently goes between about three seconds on the song title then two seconds on the BPM.

Tried upgrading the firmware today to 3.6.0 but no change in the problem.

HELP!!! Next gig on Thursday …

Some questions before you get started:

  • does this happen on only one song or particular drum set?
  • can you switch to another song and does it still show the same symtoms?
  • do you have a backup SD card that you’ve tried?

BOTTOM LINE UPFRONT: be prepared to contact if the troubleshooting steps don’t help.

  1. Here’s a basic troubleshooting outline; please test each step along the way:
  • Make sure you are using the power adaptor that came with the pedal;
  • Disconnect all but the power cable; make sure the wire is not frayed or crimped; fully seated in the power input port;
  • Revert to Default on the pedal firmware settings;
  • Function-check each of the main pedal button knobs and volume wheel; e.g., rotate, press, etc
  • Disconnect from power adaptor and gently shake & tap the pedal on each of the sides: right, left, front, back, top and bottom;
  • if you have a can of compressed air, you can use it to gently dust off the exterior moving parts as well as all of the input and output jacks and ports;
  • Revert to a previous version of the firmware i.e. 1.8.5 or 2.0.4 Firmware 1.8.5

At this point, I would definitely get in touch with Support as you’ve tried to isolate the common problems from mechanical, electrical or firmware issues. While you’re waiting for Support to get back to you, you can continue with the steps below.

  1. If the troubleshooting steps didn’t help, you can either try loading 1.8.5 firmware on a new card ≤ 64Gb SDHC Class 10 (note: I recommend using a 32Gb card). If you don’t have a new card, you can try:
  • CAVEAT: use the computer SD slot or an external SD card reader (do not use the USB cable connection method);
  • delete the contents of the old card; (DO NOT re-format the card)
  • reinstall firmware 1.8.5 to top level of the card; eject card;
  • power off to the pedal and insert the card;
  • allow firmware to update;
  • if it works, export your project from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to the SD card and test.
  1. If this still doesn’t work you can reformat the card as MS DOS 32 bit (on a MacOS 10.12.6, MS DOS (FAT) and reinstall the firmware files (version of your choice).

  2. This final step may or not help but it’s worth trying anyway: Pedal does not power on

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Thanks. Jay has offered to exchange unit.

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Jay for president!!

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(And I keep a backup in my bag in case of any weirdness.)

I’ve ordered a second BeatBuddy too. Can’t have that happen again during a gig.

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Good call. I mean, my duo COULD go old school and finish out a gig without our BB, but I would not want to have to. Having a backup (that becomes your main when the inevitable happens – because everything breaks or wears out eventually) is absolutely essential.

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We’re a two-piece too and I have created several different drum kits that have other instruments on that give us a bigger sound. In fact we put our guitars down for two of our songs (all originals) so we can’t just go old school. The new looper looks interesting.

I have never had such problems in this respect but for all cases I bought a second beatbuddy. the configurations are the same on both devices and if something like that happened to you then the problem would be fixed in 5 minutes


I live in Santiago, Chile, and I really hope that a fix to this kind of problem is possible being done by the user of the BB, specially for people that lives out of the US and can´t send it back or change or have 2 BB. I don´t think it is a good thing if anybody need to buy 2 units to feel/be safe/calm with this incredible tool.

I live in the UK, so not in US either. Only picked up a second BB for a gig that was only a few days after the one where my BB played up. Our reputation as a reliable act is more important to me than the cost of a new BB. Likely I’ll never need the second BB, though everything packs up eventually.

My 2 cents for what it’s worth. Been gigging over the last 30 years or so as a serious “hobby”. Everything from one-man shows with MIDI backing tracks to full-on bands. Even though it shouldn’t, any piece of gear can fail. S&#t happens. Strings break. Cables fail. Digital do-dads go wacky or just dark. Analogue boxes have button or fader or hum issues or whatever. I learned a long time ago to 1) buy the best stuff I can afford, 2) take care of it, 3) look at every link in the signal chain and ask yourself “what do I do if it fails at the gig?”.

What gear do you duplicate? What older gear can you keep to fall back on in a pinch? What can you configure differently and finish the gig?

It may not be possible to have duplicates of everything, but if losing the BB shuts down your gig, a second backup unit is a no-brainer.

That’s good and sensible advice. :slightly_smiling_face: