HELP! BeatBuddy won't read SD CARD! Show Tonight!

I updated my SD card and put it back into the BeatBuddy. Now it doesn’t want to read the SD card! It either says No Card or No Songs! I have my first BeatBuddy show tonight and REALLY need this to work!

Have you tried a different card? You can try formatting the card (FAT32) and reinstalling (sync) the card

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I am trying with a new card as I type.

The original one I got with the BB still works! But unfortunately a new card with the latest sync doesn’t. Is it possible I have a song file or drum set that’s invalid that is causing a corruption?

Song files should not have spaces or strange characters

Spaces where? In the name?

Oops my bad, spaces are allowed

To be clear, I didn’t add any new songs with this update. I just changed the tempo. But I did double click the “Brushes” drum set and it loaded them into BBManager. Those were the two changes between syncs. I am on a Mac, if it matters.

I am going to try installing BBManager on another computer and syncing from there.

You can also try to export the project to the card instead of sync

Yeah that’s what I have to do. Mac bug doesn’t let Sync work.

When you run into problems such as this, it’s helpful to search the forum using NO SONGS.

The solution recommended was to select all contents and delete the contents from your card. Empty the Trash and File - Export - Project to SD card.

Some tips: check that your card is not locked; use your Mac’s SD slot reader—not the USB cable connection to your pedal. Make sure your card is no larger than 32Gb, SDHC CL 10. No need to format new cards. High speed SD (video) cards are not recommended.

No dice. Purged the card and re-exported to it. The pedal will read the old card. But not either one that I have synced with the current project. I think there has to be something about this project that is corrupted.

@persist - Now I am getting the Unable to create destination folder. I see you’ve responded on similar issues in the past. Is that formatting issues? Permissions?

What are the types and formats of the cards you are having trouble with?

What is the path to your project on your computer?

32gb Micro SD, MS-DOS. Was working perfectly fine until this update today.Micro Center Brand, 10.

I installed BBManager on a new partitian and set up the default project (Imported from the Sd card that works). Copied it to a 32 GB card and it still won’t read it. I’m trying now with a different 4 GB card.

No dice on the 4GB card. This is the craziest thing. The ONLY card that will work is the original one that came with it that only has like 1 of my songs on it. I’m scared to format/try again with it.

My path is: iCloud Drive->documents/BBWorkspace

Other Mac users have reported issues trying to use iCloud when exporting or synching their project to their card.

Your cards should be MS- DOS(FAT32). If they aren’t of this format, try to reformat.

Sometimes because of the latency of the data transfer between the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and iCloud, data could get corrupted. I’m not saying your is but to get you back up and running, here’s what I’d do:
Make sure you have a bbworkspace folder in your computer’s Document’s path
Insert the SD card that’s working in your computer SD slot reader
Use BBM File - Open Project and navigate to your SD card and select Open
Accept the prompt to save to your computer to your computer bbworkspace folder user_lib/Projects (but not to your iCloud path); press either Yes or No to accept future syncs (doesn’t matter since it doesn’t work anyway);
Your BBM should now have the project open in your computer bbworkspace folder;
Eject the SD card
Make sure your new card is not locked and insert; verify the format and that it’s empty
Try to export the file from your BBM from your computer BBW folder to your card;
If this works, and you want to backup your project to iCloud, delete the project folder that’s on the iCloud and then copy your project folder from your computer to the iCloud.
I think, but I’m not certain that you can go to System Preferences/iCloud/Desktop & Documents Folder and uncheck your BBW folder and you should probably do so.

If this doesn’t work, contact me via PM

I was able to make it work by copying all the SONGS, DRUMSETS, etc folder to the 4GB SD card. Everything is working now. I want to get another smaller, maybe 8 or 16GB card. Possibly there’s a hardware issue with reading the larger cards now? I will opening a new project and saving it off iCloud. But the default “Documents” folder IS in iCloud, so that’s what I used. No problems with it for over a month. If I sync a different 4GB card and it works, I’ll confirm that it’s an issue with larger cards. If it doesn’t work, then I will try creating a new BBM project that is off iCloud. Either way…I have a functional card at the moment and am NOT going to take it out of the pedal until after the show tonight :slight_smile:

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Good to hear.

I have been using 32Gb SDHC cards on my Mac for years without any issues. The card size should not be an issue as long as it is not locked and is of the correct format.

That’s why you will need to turn it off

Thanks for the tip, I will do that after the show tonight.

One other note, I did upgrade my Mac OS to 11.6.1 last night as well. (from 11.6). Possibly something in that update caused a problem with BB;'s Import? I also emailed support. Possibly I can send them the content of a working vs non-working and they can confirm if something is jacked in the project file. I guess manually copying the files of the project isn’t a terrible solution. Oh what a joyous day it will be when we get BBManager 2.0 or whatever :).