Help Holding down BB when paused no longer stops song

Recently updated to 4.01. Before updating I use to end a song by hitting a roll and then use 2 button footswitch to pause (sometimes this ends the song a lot cleaner). I would then hold the beat buddy down and this would stop song altogether. Then I would use 2 button to go to next song in my playlist. Since the update if I hold the beat buddy down after I pause it, it will just unpause the song and do a roll back into the song. How an I change settings on beatbuddy for holding it down so that it will stop song when in pause mode.?

Should be a setting on the Pedal itself.

Thanks joe i have looked and tried but cannot find it. I am hoping someone in the forum knows which setting

Sorry, Travis, I haven’t upgraded yet, so I’m not sure where it is. Maybe @BrennanSingularSound c an jump in here?

Would these settings help? Suggested Remote Foot Switch Settings

This has changed a bit in 4.0.x this is because now the BB follows the Hold or Tap to unpause setting very closely.

If the Main Pedal is set to Press (Main Pedal > Start Beat), you cannot set a hold command for the BB while paused, it must be set to Release. You must then set the BeatBuddy to stop song on release when Main Pedal is held. (Main Pedal > Unpause Behavior > Main Pedal Unpause > Hold > Stop Song)

Alternatively, you can also set one of the pedals on the footswitch to stop the song while paused.

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Thanks Brennan this helped me a lot thank you

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