Help starting/stopping quantiloop with beatbuddy?

I have searched and searched for an answer here but can’t seem to find it. I just got a the Beatbuddy and am loving it. I have quantiloop on my ipad and have it successfully connected to the Beatbuddy through midi with a widi master. This means quantiloop can start the beatbuddy and set tempo automatically. But what I want is for this to work in the other direction: start the quantiloop with the beatbuddy footswitch. In quantiloop you can set start/stop with CC codes, but the beatbuddy doesn’t send CC codes for start/stop - it just send a start/stop midi command. I’ve set the beatbuddy output to midi channel 2, and the quantiloop incoming midi to channel 2 as well. I know they’re connected because the quantiloop can communicate with the beatbuddy, but I just can’t figure out how to get the beatbuddy to communicated with the quantiloop.

I almost gave up on this, but I found this thread that references that this should work! Any ideas to try out? Thanks for any help!!


Hey there,

Maybe reach out to Quantiloop, this seems more of a thing for them to answer on their forum as they need to make Quantiloop respond to incoming start and stop (this is standard for synced MIDI units)

Thanks for the question!