How to set BeatBuddy to receive MIDI START/STOP from QuantiLoop

I have BeatBuddy talking to iPad Quantiloop via an iRig-Pro-Duo MIDI interface. I have BeatBuddy set as Master and can successfully control QuantiLoop Tempo and Start/Stop from BeatBuddy. I was also hoping I could inversely set Start/Stop from QuantiLoop and therefore control the BeatBuddy. I want this because I have the Bluetooth iRig Blueboard connected with the iPad QuantiLoop and have my D-switch set to Start/Stop. Works fine in controlling QuantiLoop but it currently does not control BeatBuddy. Basically I want to Start/Stop both devices from either one (BeatBuddy or QuantiLoop). Is this doable?


I am new to this MIDI setup stuff so please forgive me for my ignorance on this.


Hi Ken, I’m interested in this as well. Did you find an answer?


Take a look at thread entries #94 and #95 in this thread:

I haven’t been able to get it to work just yet, but ruairiau knows his stuff. Probably just need to play with it a bit…

Hi Ken,
What I’m doing in that video is pressing the RHYTHM button; this will send a MIDI start command to the Beat Buddy provided you select the iRig DUO as the Clock output from the MIDI plug icons at the bottom of the screen. Pressing the START/STOP button will only send a START command (if you enable ‘Start on Play’ from the Rhythm Settings), but does not seem to send a STOP - but it’s a good idea. I could see how this could be very useful for prerecorded tracks. I’ll email Stephan (the developer of Quantiloop) and suggest it.

Ruairi, thanks for contacting me by email.
We will add the MIDI stop message in the next minor update as requested by Ruairi.
Basically the way it would work is that the start/stop is sent when the rhythm is started/stopped.
(The internal rhythm would then be muted of course).
The ‘start on play/record and stop on global stop can be used to auto start when a loop starts playing.

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