HOTEL CALIFORNIA (OPB) in TWO keys 1.1 - Eagles **UPDATED 02/02/2023**




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Hi, Phil -
Thanks so much for all your efforts and uploads to the forum!
I’ve been working for quite some time on Hotel California in the Key of A (Am), and your upload is VERY appreciated.
I have one request. (I’m not very versed in MIDI, so if it is too difficult, I will understand).
Anyway, I just finished putting together the full lead from the LIVE version in the key of A. The OPB that you uploaded ends just a few chords before the complete progression. (Probably for the original fade-out version). As I’m sure you know, the LIVE version completes the progression and ends with four downbeats on Am.
Would there be any way for you to modify your OPB (the one in A) to complete that last progression and the four downbeats? It would be incredible if you could! (As I mentioned though, if not, I understand.) (It’s just a shame to have the lead all figured out and have to end it too soon.)

I hope this is understandable. Any response will be greatly appreciated!

Hmmm… it’s been a long time since I did this one. Give me a couple of days to check it out and go back to my source files. I’ll need to listen to the live version to compare. Like I said, give me some time on this. I’m hoping it’s more of a cut/paste job.


Thanks so much for the reply, Phil.
No problem if you can’t, but I do appreciate anything you can do.
Thanks again!

Hey there…I was hoping to be cable to find a midi with the “live” ending, but nothing seems to be out there. So next step is to compare the recorded (which I used) and live versions to see if there’s a chord sequence that in the version I used that can be copied and pasted onto the end to bring the length closer.


Hi, Phil -
Thanks. I appreciate your time on this!
The progression is in the song you already created.
It repeats over & over throughout the entire solo at the end of the song.
The progression which repeats throughout the entire solo is:
Its just that the last time around, it cuts off just after the Dm (right before the progression finishes).
Really all that is needed is to extend that Dm measure for the full 4 count, and then add the final E7 measure for the four count. Then, the song ends on four down beats on Am.
I’m wondering if the full progression (just before the partial one) could just be cut & pasted, overwriting the last partial one?
Even if you couldn’t add the four down beats on Am, at least I could finish the solo and just hit the downbeats after the drums & bass stop.
I’m sorry this is so long & rambling. It’s hard to explain sometimes in writing…
Anyway, thanks for anything you can do!

Thanks — this is useful. Sorry its taking me so long to get to it, but I will.

Phil -
No problem at all. I’m just happy you’re willing to help! :slight_smile:

Ok… I think this’ll do it for you. I tweaked a few other things that I wasn’t happy with. Let me know what you think and if it needs more work.


That’s awesome! Thanks, Phil.
I’ll check it out tonight. :slight_smile: :+1: :slight_smile:

Hi, Phil -
The corrected file you uploaded is great! It extends the progression just right, so I can finish the final riff.
So, thank you VERY much for that.
There is one minor thing that I believe I told you incorrectly, and that’s my fault.
The way the Live version of this song ends, I said that it was 4 downbeats but I didn’t specify the count. It sounds like on your corrected version, you did 4 one-count downbeats.
In fact, the Live version ends with 4 downbeats, but on the count of “1-and-ah-2” (I hope that makes sense.)
I’ve included a link to a small video clip in this message which shows the ending.
Hotel Calif - Live Ending
If it can be fixed, great! If not, I can do a work-round and just hit my pause button to end.
I just wanted you to know in case you want to make it exactly correct.
Again, thanks for all your hard work. I can now start playing this one out with the full lead!

Give me a day or so to check it out!

Ok… I listened again to my correction. I think I’m correct, but I’ll put it side by side with your clip and see.

Stand by.

OK … I may have made an error in uploading a “not ready for primetime version”, so try these…

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Phil, dude, this is PERFECT!!!
Thank you so much, It is EXACTLY right.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you very much!

Thanks Phil. This version goes in my set list.

It looks like the items is deleated in dropbox :worried:

Let me see if I can find them again and I’ll repost.


I was wondering did you find it?