How do I copy and paste songs from one folder to another?

Hey all,

I know I have to be just missing this… New user firing up the BeatBuddy Manager for the first time. What I am trying to do is basically “copy” some settings into my own “folder” or setlist so that I can easily scroll them, and I don’t seem to be able to copy/paste any of the default songs and move/rename them into my new folder.

For example - I want to take “Punk1” from the Punk folder, copy the song to my folder at 165 BPM and beat 2 and use it for “All The Small Things” by Blink 182 - And then name it “All The Small Things” in my own folder for easy access to those specific settings.

Help a noob!

Copy/paste/move songs from one folder doesn’t work. You can copy and paste parts of a song from one song to a song in another folder but that’s about it. These are capabilities that should eventually be available when the new version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) is released.

In the meantime, you will have to export a song using the BBM to your desktop and then import it to your new folder.

Um, I just used BB Manager to rearrange the directories on my BB Project file. I have my most common tunes and directories at the “top” of the hierarchy. That should take care of the “songs in order” problem. I think you just click and drag the particular songs in the directory structure on the left-hand side, save the project, then reload project to the BB SD card.

That said, I think you would have to go into each individual song file and change the bpm manually, and then save it, assuming that bpm is stored with each song file? it might not be – i’ve never done this part – I always just use tap tempo… :slight_smile:

It appears as though about half of my songs (Everything after M) have been deleted from the “setlist” that I made. The “temporary holds” folder still has them, but I cannot add them back to my SD card.


If any of your song titles in the BeattBuddy Manager (BBM) have a period or some other special character, it can cause problems with your project.

Thank you - I mean, it’s literally just not saving the changes. What I keep getting is the “previous” settings when I open the BeatBuddy, and when I import the songs again the beats are there, but when I try to rename the songs and save the project, it does not keep the updated folder - Still the older one.

I know this is some simple process thing that I am just not getting, but this is frustrating as a new user.