How do I increase volume/velocity of the "cymbal ride" in a drum kit?

I would like to increase the volume of the ride instrument in a drum kit.
I have already increased the volume setting to its max but it is still way too soft.
Would increasing the ‘velocity’ of the instrument help ?
Any ideas and suggestions would be helpful please.

You can usually find what answers to questions or problems, using the forum search function. I used “change cymbal volume” and came up with this How to change relative kit volume - #7 by Phil_Flood

Hope that helps.

Hello, This isn’t helping. I don’t want to change the Kit volume but want to change the instrument volume.
I tried leaving the Ride Cymbal volume to 0db and move all other instrument to negative values to help the Ride stand out more but it is not working.
Do I need to actually change the velocity of the Ride ??? If so, can I do this within the manager ?

The following is my understanding:

Each element or instrument of a Beatbuddy drum kit contains several samples, each sample recorded at a different volume, from soft to loud, in direct relation to the force of the strike employed. These samples were then grouped into two, three or four (some may have five) different MIDI velocity ranges, such as 0-30, 31-70, 71-115, 116-127, the last range being the loudest.

So, the only way to make any instrument -say, the ride cymbal- sound louder than the loudest sample that’s already in the BB kit is to upload new samples (wav files) into the kit, which have been recorded at a higher volume (force) and then reassign the MIDI velocity regions accordingly.

I hope my explanation was clear.
Good luck!