How do I load "Beats in the Style of" files bought from Singular Sound

I just bought by Beat Buddy and was able to load some .sng files successfully - I found them on the Singular Sound User Generated Content section on this forum

But I also bought 3 “In the Style of” sets from Singular Sound - Pink Floyd, Santana and Credence Clearwater Revival. However those are all .mid files and not .sng files so how do I load those? With BB Manager neither Import Song nor Import Folder works so how do I import those?

The premium library artist packages are probably zip files and the contents for each artist of each zip file should contain a .pbf file (which is a proprietary BeatBuddy (BB) format) and instructions.

  • Unzip each file
  • Open the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  • Select BBM > File > Import > Folder and navigate to your artist name.pbf and press Open or OK.

Thanks so much - got them all loaded correctly.

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I will point out the BeatBuddy Loader has an excellent organizational feature, Export All Folders and Drumsets, where you can export all of your projects files into a neat organized format as folders full of sng files and the individual drm files

Normally BeatBuddy content is not packaged in the project in a way that is easy to be found and read by humans!

Just food for thought :slight_smile: