How do I make OnSong (and BeatBuddy) auto-scroll lyrics

Hi Chip, I haven’t talked to you for over a year or more. Hope everything is fine.
I’m having problems with onsong or beatbuddy,get figure which on. I can’t get beatbuddy to scroll my songs automatically. I’ve googled every possible way, nothing works. I’d appreciate your expertise.

Your Nova Scotia friend

Hi, Gerard. Long time no hear! Hope the snows haven’t been too deep so far in Nova Scotia.

I don’t use OnSong; don’t even have an iPad so I probably don’t have the skill to best help you. However, if I understand, you want OnSong to auto scroll your song lyrics. If this is correct, maybe this forum link can help Beat Buddy/Onsong scroll instruction

Later today I will move your post to a separate thread.