How do I set a loop to be a certain number of bars in advance?


I have a beatbuddy and aeros looper (v5 firmware).

I cannot see how to edit a setting for the looper to have a fixed number of bars. I can see ‘set length’ for auto, but that is not what I’m looking for as it requires a foot tap to close the loop. I’m trying to hit the beatbuddy just once, start the loop for 9 bars, and then have the aeros automatically close the loop and let me play over the top without stopping after the initial recording.

The only thing that I can currently think of is to record 9 bars of silence and then save that into the song, but I’m not sure if that will work when I come to start the beatbuddy as I want it to automatically start recording on song start.

Even my boss looper does this!

Any guidance?


Hey there,

This feature is not possible on the Aeros at this time, here is the feature request for this, you are free to forward any other thoughts here:

Thanks for the question!

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