Fixed Loop Length

I’ve had the Aeros for a while now and at this point would love to see these two features added to its list of capabilities:

First, is the ability to assign the Left and Right Aux Output to a specific Loop Track so that along with the Master outputs, a user would be able to have independent mono outputs for as many as 4 independent Loops. This would require ability to assign a specific Loops Output to a specific Main or Aux Jack and/or ability to hard pan a stereo signal so that stereo loops can be split independently. With the ability to assign 4 independent mono outputs for 4 independent loops, a user could say have an electric guitar loop output feeding a guitar amp, a bass loop output feeding a bass amp, a vocal loop feeding a PA, and an acoustic loop feeding an acoustic amp. Or in 2x2 mode, two stereo guitar loops feeding 4 different guitar amps.

Second, is the ability to set a predetermined length of a loop based on bars similar to a DAW. This way a user could arm the looper using a long count in, have time to walk away from the looper to play an instrument feeding the looper, and not have to worry about getting back to the looper to hit stop. For example if a keyboard was across the room from where the looper is setup and a user wants to lay down a 12 bar keyboard Loop.

If I’ve somehow missed the existence of these capabilities, please let me know. Thanks!


Hey there,

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Your first request seems related to this one.

Your second request seems to be the first one of it’s kind, so we’ll focus on just that for now!

I hope you don’t mind, I will edit OP to reflect this!

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Basically, we do want to do this but it is not clear exactly when we will make predetermined loop length, but it may come soon. It would require som UI reworking and that is why we are holding off for now. More news soon!

Thank you!